iPhone 6 Video Released, New Concept and Specs Roundup: Why Users Should Wait for iPhone 6 Release

By @peevesky on

The release of Apple's iPhone 6 has been keeping the market buzzing. More and more analysts, developers and designers are sharing their thoughts on what people can expect from Apple's next flagship phone. Concepts and leaks have also started surfacing. According to new video and details released, the newest iPhone 6 may sport a Retina display, an iPad mini-like design and without a home button. Is Apple iPhone 6 the smartphone game changer? 

While concepts are not the company's actual plans, they also give a good idea on what people can expect. The concepts are based on leaks and predictions so they bear a certain value. According to OvalPicure designer Joseph Farahi, his iPhone 6 concept features a 5.1-inch display and a "Retina 2" screen. The display also has solar charging powers including yellow-red-green-blue pixels. 

The device also sports a lighter and thinner design compared to the iPhone 5s. It comes with a 6.1mm profile and weighs only 100g. To make a thinner design possible, the concept chose a smaller headphone jack. 

Other features included in the concept are 10MP primary camera with 4K and 500 fps video recordings modes. It also has a lighting 2 connector which charges and transfers data 10 times faster. The microphones and speakers appear to be bigger as well. 

The concept may have listed a number of features that are still good to be true for a smartphone. However, recent reports can back up that Apple has been investing on its patents. The patents granted and applied for appear promising - the iPhone 6 will be a revolutionary device in its category. 

There are also reports saying that Apple will release two versions: a 4.7-inch smarpthone and a 5-inch phablet. To see the concept video of Apple's iPhone 6, click this link. Techno Buffalo reportedly recently that Apple will be ditching the home button on the iPhone 6. The device will also follow a similar design framework to the iPad mini. There are also clarifications from Apple just yet. One good development is the news about Apple starting the production of sapphire materials. People will have to wait for confirmation.

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