iPhone 6 True Features Remain Evasive! Split Screen on iOS 8, Beats Audio, Lighter MacBook with Retina Coming at WWDC 2014

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WWDC 2014 is coming very soon and there are several things iOS users want to know about the upcoming changes and features this year. Split-screen on iOS 8, Beats Music, Retina display on MacBook and Android's grand opponent - iPhone 6 - flavours the event.

Split Screen Feature

9to5Mac reported that Apple plans to match the multitasking feature of Windows 8/8.1 using Split-Screen feature on iOS 8. It will maximise the iPad on using two applications at once to improve the current single app viewing on iOS 7.

Users have requested for any possible ways to increase productivity thru multitasking using iPads but iOS 7 did not officially feature it. Once enabled, iOS 8 running iPads may utilise two iPad apps by simply dragging them to one another such as text, video and images.

Beats Music Acquisition

Acquisition of Beats Music embraces Apple's commitment on music lovers, songwriters and artists.

"I've always known in my heart that Beats belonged with Apple. The idea when we started the company was inspired by Apple's unmatched ability to marry culture and technology. Apple's deep commitment to music fans, artists, songwriters and the music industry is something special," Beats Music co-found Jimmy Lovine stated at their official blog site.

Aside from empowering audio experience on Apple devices, Beats Music will also take advantage on retaining Android OS support due to strong competition with other company such as Spotify.

Beats Audio enhancer has been featured on several Android devices such as HTC One Series that enhances audio experience using headphones or earphones.

Retina MacBook

There are three possible changes for the rumoured MacBook 2014 that may be released by the second half based on reports from Digital Trends.

1.      Retina Display - One of Taiwan-based component manufacturers of Apple claims Cupertino to ship new models of a MacBook Air having Retina display and 12 inches of screen display.

2.      Lighter Weight - Another interesting feature would be the removal of internal cooling fans to significantly decrease the weight of the new MacBook. However, it is unknown on how the machine will utilise high-powered features that generates heat without any coolers.

In addition to lighter weight and Retina display, some reports are also pointing a larger battery pack for MacBook Air. It is a possible need to ensure sustainable battery life due to the high power demands of the Retina display technology on high resolution screens.

The iPhone 6

Probably the most anticipated feature on the upcoming WWDC 2014 event. Reports locked on iPhone 6 having two models with different sizes to match current flagship devices from Android and Windows Phone OS.

iPhone 6 with 4.7 inches of screen display is set on August 2014 while the larger 5.5 inch version is expected on September. Unfortunately, Apple has not yet released any official teaser, feature or specifications on iPhone 6.

Software feature and technical specifications of iPhone 6 remain evasive and everything flowing online is still speculations.

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