iPhone 6 September 19 Release Date vs iPhone 5s: New Apple iPhone Design Will be a Killer Against the 5s

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Apple iPhone 5S
A woman holds her new Apple iPhone 5S after buying it at an Apple Store in Tokyo Reuters

Apple's iPhone 6 will feature a haptic feedback function that will allow the devie4 to emit a range of vibrations based on the application. The new feature will offer tactile feedback providing a different kind of user experience. More importantly, the upcoming iPhone 6 will also come with a better battery design and mechanism. The body build, display and overall structure of the iPhone 6 promise to be better than the previous iPhone 6 leading analysts to believe it capable of driving unprecedented sales. 

According to Business Insider, the new haptic feature will feature vibrations guiding the user on how to manage with their units. The vibrations will depend on the part of the screen tapped. This should allow the user to identify different access points of their devices in the future allowing them to operate more flawlessly with the device. 

The Motley Fool claims that the iPhone 6 will drive unprecedented sales especially since Business Weekly reported that initial orders for the upcoming flagship is expected to be double the orders for the iPhone 5s - at 68 million units. The report did not clarify if the expected orders combine numbers for the two variants or just the much recognized phablet version. 

As if to prove a point that the iPhone 6 will be twice better than the 5 series, a new patent sighting suggest that Apple wants to transform its devices into glass-based units. The patent released front the US Patent and Trademark Office goes by the number patent No. 8,773, 848 and title 'Fused glass device housings." According to the patent, the technology can be described as follows: 

"An electronic device [which] may have a glass housing structures. The glass housing structures may be used to cover a display and other internal electronic device components. The glass housing structure may have multiple glass pieces that are joined using a glass fusing process." 

As with other patents, this may or may not find its way to future releases but Apple still has time left for integration of the new technology. The company has previously received a patent for processing sapphire glass and liquidmetal seamlessly together allowing the company to produce extremely durable displays despite the glass material. 

According to Apple Insider, the 4.7-inch variant may also feature 15% better battery life compared to the iPhone 5s. Far East reported that the 4.7-inch will pack on an 1,800 mAh battery while the 5.5-inch will feature a 2,500 mAh unit.

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