iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display: Here's is How to Break It

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The Apple logo.
IN PHOTO: The Apple logo is pictured at a retail store in the Marina neighborhood in San Francisco, California April 23, 2014. REUTERS / Robert Galbraith

The iPhone 6 and the myth of its indestructible display have been proved otherwise, as shown in a video courtesy of Nowhereelse. The new video shows the display being subjected to even rigorous tortures. Accessories used in the process range from the relatively mild currency coin and keys to things as extreme as nail, hammers, a set of pliers, and a knife. The display has also been exposed to direct lighter fire though it came out unscathed each time.

We have already seen a couple of videos subjecting the display to various torture tests, as reported in Ubergizmo. The latest video takes things to a new high, which includes stuff like hitting the display with a hammer or trying to nail it down. Each time, what comes to the fore is the surprising strength of the display, so much that it is virtually impossible to make even a scratch on it.

Under the circumstances, a drop test as shown in the video from shoulder height can be considered quite plane jane. The result too is all too obvious with the glass suffering nary a scratch or crack on its surface. Tying to bend it down using two pliers also proved futile. However, placing it directly on the path of what seems to be an SUV tyre though proves to be just too much that the purported iPhone 6 is able to handle, leaving the display thoroughly shattered.

Of course much of what is shown in the video is never likely to be enacted in real life with any iPhone 6 devices as has been mentioned in BGR. Still the video makes for an interesting watch as this will let consumers have an idea of just how strong the sapphire glass display can be that has gone into the making of their iPhone 6 devices.

Apple is reported to have switched to sapphire crystal for manufacturing the displays of its upcoming iPhone devices due to the inherent quality of the material to resist scratches besides also being exceptionally strong. The displays are being churned out in a new manufacturing plant Apple set up in Mesa, Arizona with GT Advanced as the technical partner, as reported in 9to5Mac

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