iPhone 6 Rumors: Top 5 Features We Should Expect


There is no stopping the rumours towards the upcoming iPhone 6 from tech giant Apple.

There have been rumours that the next iPhone as well as the cheaper version of the handset will be released together in June.

There have been rumours about a low cost iPhone coming our way and these go back to early last year. Some people have said that the device will be the Apple iPhone Mini while some say that it will be the Apple iPhone Lite.

Steve Jobs said before that he wants Apple products to cannibalise their own sales as opposed to competitors doing it. However, Apple seemed to be taking a new course this year by releasing a cheaper version of iPhone. Some people thought that it may eat into the sales of the regular Apple iPad, however a survey had shown that a lot of the buyers of the Apple iPad Mini were indeed first time buyers of Apple tablets.

Apple could have the 3.5 inch screen on the cheaper model and this would make it quite clear that it was below the Apple iPhone 5 with its 4 inch display hence it could come with a price tag below $199 at launch.  Apple could also make the iPhone 5S with an older processor just like they did for the iPad Mini.

Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that the upcoming smartphone tagged as iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S at the Apple Q1 2013 earnings call. Tim Cook also assured investors that Apple picked the right screen size when upgrading to a 4-inch Retina Display. He also carefully dodged talking about the rumours towards the next iPhone. However, this suggests that Apple will stick with its old screen size.

iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch Retina display, which is the most advanced display in the industry and no one comes close to matching the level of quality as the Retina display. This also provided a larger screen size for iPhone customers while considering the comfort of users.

Cook's insisting that 4-inch screen is better for one-handed use and larger screens will only make it more difficult. He also aimed at appeasing developers who would need to accommodate yet another screen size if Apple made a larger iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Some of the other rumoured features of the next iPhone are super HD camera, massive internal storage of 128GB, Near Field Communication, a better battery and IGZO screen display.

The Cupertino-based company remained tight-lipped on the details of the upcoming smartphones. Below are some of the features that we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 6.

A7 Chip processor - The iPhone 6 is rumoured to be powered by the upgraded processor from Apple.

128GB Storage - It is more likely that Apple will boost its storage capacity with 128GB internal storage like the new iPad 4.

Near Field Communication - It may be about time that Apple will include NFC that it left out on the iPhone 5.

Super HD Camera - Apple will most probably include a super HD rear camera.

Fingerprint Sensor - The iPhone 6 may also become smarter and more secured with the aid of a fingerprint sensor. The rumour is included in note of KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a superb track record in iPhone rumours. The rumour is backed by the fact that Apple bought AuthenTec in 2012. They were well known for their fingerprint scanning technology. 

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