iPhone 6 Rumors: Apple Smart Phone Design and Eye Tracking Feature Cause Release Date Delay?


Technology giant Apple will reportedly incorporate the "Eye Tracking" and "Motion Control" features on the upcoming iPhone 6 to compete with the alleged "Eye Scroll" feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple holds several patents involving the two mentioned features and the company will provide it for the iOS devices such as the iPad and the iPhone.

uMoove is the mind behind the "Eye Tracking" experience offered to high-tech devices. The company revealed to The New York Times that familiarity with the advanced technology feature requires wide-ranging adaption in order to persuade several device manufacturers to create and support the "Eye Tracking" and "Motion Control" features in applications.

Users can do the following uMoove "Eye Tracking" and "Motion Control" features even with sunglasses and in dark areas:

1.       Variable scrolling speed.

2.       Video Auto Pause.

3.       Zooming.

4.       Live Gaming.

5.       Hands-free control and selection.

6.       360-degree navigation.

Apple could possibly include the remarkable feature into the upcoming iPhone 6 smart phone without making any major hardware alterations. The company could add in as well the support on the latest software version, the iOS 7.

Apple is reportedly focused on an updating the design for the upcoming iPhone 6 smart phone instead of enhancing the specifications. iPhone 6 is anticipated to have a thinner and lighter design compared to iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 smart phones.

Aside from the design rumors, the upcoming iPhone 6 is claimed to have different colors available like pink and blue, a larger screen display without Apple's signature home button and a wireless charging feature.

However, the design problems in the production line are reportedly affecting the release date of the Apple iPhone 6. The smart phone is expected to arrive some time in the later part of 2013 or the early months of 2014.

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