iPhone 6 Release Update: Leaked Front Panel Photos Show A Bigger Screen

By @binibiningkd on

A glimpse of the supposed Apple iPhone 6 front panel recently hit the Web showing a bigger screen.

The leaked photo from the Web site No Where Else was out of focus, grainy and showcases all the signs of a legitimate leaked photo. The image reveals iPhone 4s' and iPhone 5s' touchscreen glass compared to the new iPhone 6 screen.

Remarkably, there is no bezel seen from the edges of the glass and the top of the alleged iPhone 6 screen.

Although the photo has neither been confirmed nor denied by the Cupertino tech giant, the quality of the image cannot be missed by scrutinizing eyes.

Similar to fake leaked photos in the past, the alleged photos of iPhone 6 was out of focus and there were no sharp details to examine. The quality of the leaked photo made it hard to determine its authenticity.

Another that needed to be considered in the leaked photo was the Home button of iPhone 6, which was not centered between the top and the bottom of the black border. The topmost part of the Home button of the alleged iPhone 6 actually grazed into the touchscreen. It was hard to believe that Apple will miss this out.

Also, it has been reported that Apple will be having bigger screens for iPhone 6. Two variants were previously rumored, which could be 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. But in the photo, iPhone 6 screen does not come close to the smaller version of the rumored iPhone 6, which at best it is around 4.2 inches. Although it is hard to determine the size of iPhone 6 in the photo, it is easy to compare it with iPhone 5s whose size was already available.

In spite of the questionable authenticity of the photo, this recent leak gives us an idea of the possible look of the much anticipated iPhone 6. The paint of the glass on iPhone 5 touchscreen was cleverly stripped, which means that the images are more likely fakes. 

Latest rumors point to an iPhone 6 release date by July

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