iPhone 6 Release Update: Camera Set to Sit Out of Megapixel Arms Race

By @binibiningkd on

Smartphones continue to evolve with increasing megapixel count to win over customers. But it seems Apple will not join the club as it is expected to sit out of the megapixel count race and focus on other areas of iPhone 6 camera, according to Apple Insider.

If you are familiar with how cameras work, you must know very well that megapixels are not as important as other factors like color reproduction and the lens. Apple is believed to steer clear from boosting the megapixel count of iPhone 6 and focus more on the image quality.

iPhone 5s is an example how smartphones can take gorgeous photos without upping the megapixels. The flagship smartphone of Apple sports only 8MP sensor camera compared to the 13MP sensor camera of Samsung Galaxy S5 but it also takes high-quality images.

It doesn't mean that Apple will not enhance its megapixel count but a boost to 10MP is expected to create more print-friendly images. The last megapixel boost that Apple did was the 3 MP bump from the 5 MP of iPhone 4s.

One feature that might be coming with the camera of iPhone 6 is better optical image stabilization (OIS). With this technology, the phone's gyroscope will help with shaky camera footage when video recording and it will help prevent blurry images, especially when the person holding the camera is having a hard time keeping it still.

According to rumors, iPhone 6 will most likely get a larger display, probably 4.5-inch and 5.5-inch screens. The 4.5-inch iPhone 6 makes sense as Apple will not need to increase the overall size of iPhone that much.

iPhone 6 release date might happen on the fall, a few weeks after its launch, which is similar to iPhone release dates in the past. iPhone 5s was released in September in the previous year. But these are just rumors to be taken with a grain of salt as Apple hasn't made official confirmation yet.

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