iPhone 6 Release Update: Autumn Release, iPhone 6 Will Be A Phablet With Motion Sensing 3D

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Apple has remained tight-lipped about its new products. The company is not disclosing as much until the final release date. Sources and analysts shared their insights about the company's next move. Based from the company's track record and market trends, it is possible to predict what Apple's next plan will be.

According to latest reports, the tech giant will be releasing its iPhone 6 this 2014 and it may come as a hybrid. Will an iPhone phablet work? 

Sony and Samsung have joined the phablet craze. Both companies offer smartphones that can double as tablets both in size and functionality. Analysts think it will take time before Apple joins in the bandwagon. It was in September when Wall Street Journal published a report saying Apple plans to upgrade the size of its flagship mobile. 

The expected sizes include 4.8 inches and 6 inches. Peter Misek, an analyst from Jeffries, claimed Apple will likely release an iPhablet. But this did not materialize with the iPhone 5s as Apple chose to stick with the same form factor as the iPhone 5. Some analysts believe Apple will do the larger version with the iPhone 6 but some argue it was not like the company to do so. The tech giant has been very particular of the sizes of its devices. It does not simply follow the market trend or what competitors are doing. 

There were also reports claiming Apple will opt for a bended flagship. The market has been buzzing about curved screen smartphones for quite some time now. It may be possible to see manufacturers like Apple shift in that direction. Samsung and LG have also joined the curved displays. Particularly, there are sources saying Apple's phone will curve "downwards at the edges." The appearance of curved display as mentioned is sleek. Apple may just give in to it. 

Also, with the acquisition of PrimeSense, many suspect the iPhone 6 to have a motion 3D technology. PrimSense is the brain behind the Kinect technology. Apple will not acquire the company simply for expansion. Analysts say it wants to tap the motion technology for gesture controls on its devices. 

Based from Apple's track record three years back, the company has released its iPhone series around September or October. This leads analysts to believe the iPhone 6 will be released around autumn and not May. Apple's rival, Samsung, will reportedly release its Samsung Galaxy S5 by first quarter.

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