iPhone 6 Release Update: Apple’s Phablet May Have Delayed Launch - Analyst

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iPhone 6 release date was expected to happen soon. But consumers may see Apple's phablet at a later date.

Various reports noted Apple will release two iPhones this year - one with 4.7-inches and the other with 5.5-inches display. The latter was speculated to be Apple's take on the phablet category. But UBS Analyst Steve Milunovich said the company's smartphone-tablet hybrid will be announced separately with the phablet version arriving later this year.

In his report cited by Macrumors, Milunovich divulged that "supply chain checks" could be the reason behind the delay. Apparently, latest supply checks were less than satisfactory that will delay the launch of the phablet. The analyst did not specify the area that affects phablet that will yield to delay.

Milunovich said in his research note that Apple will unveil the next iPhone with 4.7-inch screen display sometime in August or September. Thus, the one with 5.5 inches screen will be released much later, which could be around October.

Previous reports claimed iPhone 6 will arrive in June at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference alongside iOS 8. It is also possible that an iPhone will be released this summer on the mentioned event and the phablet may be released in September to rival Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The analyst also claimed both iPhone variants will sport the same screen resolution, which will make it easier for iOS app developers. Releasing an iPhone with 4.7-inch screen seems plausible to Apple. But the 5.5- inch iPhablet seems far-fetched. But as Apple rivals set the bar high in terms of screen size since many Android-based smartphones boast large screens.

Apple has not disclosed the full specs and features of iPhone 6 yet. It was speculated iPhone 6 will pack A8 processor with 64-bit architecture, sapphire screen display, better camera and fingerprint sensor with improved features and capabilities.

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