iPhone 6 Release Takes to a Whole New Smart, Can Track Trends And Adjust Battery Life Automatically

By @peevesky on

Apple is making headlines recently particularly for patents it has acquired. The company seems to invest more on new features from the time patent grants surface constantly.

According to recent reports, Apple has acquired a patent featuring a new power management system that allows a smart device to track trends and adjusts battery life automatically. Can this feature find its way to iPhone 6? 

Several patents surfacing and featuring functions applicable to the iPhone line continue to increase each day. The latest patent application is about the use of a power management system that can monitor trends and adjust the battery life of the device according to the user's habits.

The latest power management system explores the user's habits and aligns the device performance for better user experience. 

The patent was reported by Apple Insider titled, "Inferring User Intent From Battery Usage Level and Charging Trends." The patent describes a method where a mobile device can track the charge and battery charge and discharge cycles of the device. This allows the unit to predict what the user will be doing with the device. It can adjust the level of performance to fit the user's needs better. 

With these predictions, the smart device can change a multitude of parameters. For instance, the mobile unit can adjust the CPU clock speed or the screen brightness to extend battery life and give the user more time to work on other things. The smartphone or other smart devices can either provide maximum processing power or save battery life. 

According to the patent filing, there is emphasis on long-term and instantaneous power budgeting. The device will have access to relevant information at any given time to understand how to distribute power and deliver performance. The device will also learn how to work with the thermal capacity of the unit and remaining power supply.

Apple will take iPhone 6 to a whole new smart. The device will use ambient data to make this work. The tech giant has yet to make an announcement about the upcoming iPhone 6. 

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