iPhone 6 Release Soon As Production Of 'Critical Component' To Start

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iPhone 6 release date may happen very soon as Apple will start the production of new critical component in the handset.

The Cupertino-based company seemed to be in a hurry to develop screen display out of Sapphire crystal at the Arizona plant. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the existence of a sapphire glass manufacturing facility in Arizona.

Latest document picked up by 9to5Mac with the aid of analyst Matt Margolis revealed Apple is speeding the opening of the Sapphire plant in Mesa, Arizona with target operations to begin next month.

According to the documents that show the correspondence between Apple and the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), Apple wants to immediately start the production of a "critical new sub-component" at the plant.

Apple's Deputy Director of Global Trade Compliance James Patton formally requested the Foreign-Trade Zone Board to approve the two requests from Apple to implement an "aggressive go-live timeline" of the plant for February 2014.

In November 2013, Apple signed a $578 million contract deal with GT Advanced Technologies, makers of Sapphire technology, to work hand-in-hand in the future Apple devices. The plant will be used to manufacture sapphire crystal for future Apple devices.

The use of Sapphire technology is fueled by an Apple patent picked up by Apple Insider. The patent describes a method integrating sapphire in an electronic device detailing various methods where sapphire can be securely fastened to an electronic device like iPhone. This suggested that Sapphire technology will be applied in other devices like the iPad line and iWatch.

This was not the first time that Sapphire was used in Apple devices. The technology was first used in iPhone 5 when Apple applied the hard material as a lens cover for the handset's rear-facing camera. In iPhone 5S, Sapphire was used as covering to the touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Although Apple has not directly confirmed the features of iPhone 6, this heavily suggested iPhone 6 will definitely pack a strong Sapphire screen display. This is supported by the job listings from Apple looking for employees for the plant to work on components for future iPhone and iPod product lines.

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