iPhone 6 Release Soon With Pressure And Heat Sensors?

By @binibiningkd on

The rumor mill is highly dense with iPhone 6 leaks. Earlier reports in the past few weeks claimed iPhone 6 will sport temperature monitor and humidity and pressure sensors, according to an Apple analyst based in China.

Sun Chang Xu, ESM-China chief analyst, quoted an Apple contact that works at Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMs). She reported the next generation smartphone from Apple can gather information about the weather and relay it to Apple.

According to the Web site The Register, iPhone 6 is likely to monitor both meteorological conditions and the person's condition using the device.

"The addition of sensors tallies with a recent leak which showed Apple was developing a health monitoring system and an app called HealthBook," the Web site reported. "The rumored iWatch would probably work with this app to help monitor their fitness levels and chart day to day exercise."

If these rumors were true, iPhone 6 which is expected to come late this year would be following the lead of its rival, Samsung.

Released a year ago, Samsung Galaxy S4 included temperature and humidity sensor. Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in the previous month features a suite of health monitoring apps.

Early reports this year suggested the Cupertino tech giant is prepping to release an app codenamed, Healthbook, which will be released alongside iPhone 6.

The Healthbook app will take multiple UI cues from Apple Passbook app, which is software for storing coupons, loyalty cards and other similar materials that are normally kept in a physically wallet. Also, the Healthbook app features a stack of cards that can be swiped in between, wherein every card represents a health or fitness data point.

"The software will be capable of monitoring and storing fitness statistics such as steps taken, calories burned, and miles walked," 9to5Mac reported. "Furthermore, the app will have the ability to manage and track weight loss," the reported added.

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