iPhone 6 Release Roundup: Apple iPhone 6 to Ditch Sapphire Screen but Include Biosensors

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Last week, it was reported that Apple has started production of sapphire materials. Despite reports claiming that the tech giant has been gearing up to supply sapphire materials for 100 to 200 million units of iPhone 6, new information suggest the production is otherwise. Apple is not manufacturing sapphire screens for the iPhone 6 rather for the iWatch. While the iPhone 6 may ditch the sapphire screen, there are also new reports that it may come with bio-sensors. Apple has been on a hiring spree lately for bio-sensor specialists. 

It was only recently when AppleInsider reported Apple filing a patent featuring the use of extra-resilient material to include in the iPhone screen. Since the iPhone 6 is the upcoming smartphone, everyone assumed it would be for the iPhone 6. However, according to Tech Radar and Chinese site MyDrivers, the sapphire materials may be for the iWatch and not the iPhone 6. 

The reports note that according to Taiwan's industrial chain, the iPhone 6 will not feature a sapphire screen. Apple has been working on the use of sapphire for the iPhone 6. The reports hinted at prototypes already. However, the unidentified sources note that the production capacity is not at par yet. It is too low while the production costs are too high. As quoted in MacRumors: 

"Apple has put a lot of effort into fitting the next iPhone with a sapphire screen. These sources claim that "beta" iPhone units (read: some of the prototypes Apple is currently testing) are already sporting sapphire protected panels, but unfortunately, chances are that they will not make it on the final product." 

"The problem is not necessarily due to low yield (which still is a problem, at least until Apple's [Arizona] plant will be fully operational), but mainly because fitting a sapphire screen on the next iPhone would make its price skyrocket." 

The hype over the sapphire material is based on its excellent qualities. Many sources claim it is better than the Corning Gorilla Glass. 

As reports about the iWatch and the iPhone 6 continue to resurface, Apple has been hiring people with extensive biomedical and sensor technology expertise. It appears the company is investing more on potential biosensors in its devices. 

According to Network World, Apple has started hiring medical device experts like Marcelo Malini Lamego. Mr Lamego previously worked as CTO of Cercacor for eight years. Ceractor works on developing noninvasive monitoring technologies. People will have to wait for Apple's official announcement.

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