iPhone 6 Release In July To Overcome Supply Problems - Analyst

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iPhone 6 release date will be in July, according to an analyst. Cult of Mac cited Mizukho Securities Analyst Abhey Lamba saying Apple will unveil its new flagship smartphone in July or at the Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC). Lamba stressed the two new iPhones will be introduced this July.

He said more iPhone 6 models will arrive this year with varying screen sizes ranging 4.7-inch to 5.5-inch. This is a big jump from the current 4-inch screen display of iPhone 5S. Also, iPhone 6 will pack an "enhanced" touchID fingerprint sensor to accommodate new features and capabilities.

Lamba claimed the next generation of Apple TV will also be launched later this year. He said Apple will update its set-top box and make use a more modern A7 processor.

For years, Apple holds its launching event in the fall but the critical component of sapphire screen display will not be ready anytime soon. Latest reports claimed iPhone 6 release date will be in the second half of the year.

A major reason behind this is the production of sapphire screen display, which is expected to be iPhone's selling point. The production will ramp up later this year. Thus, the September timeframe is most likely to happen.

But Lamba's unnamed sources said "vendors are getting ready" for production earlier than expected. These sources are from Asia where Apple's supply and assembly lines are located.

He added an early launch window will ensure that Apple will have enough supply throughout the year, especially during Christmas season. One of the problems faced by the company from the past few years is inadequate supply of its devices.

But these rumors should be taken as a grain of salt until Apple announces its official specs and features. Meanwhile, Apple still has not disclosed the official iPhone 6 features.

It is speculated Apple's next flagship smartphone will pack a bigger screen display with the size of around 4.8- to 6-inches, faster and better A8 processor and the upcoming iOS 8. Also, several improvements may be seen on the device's fingerprint sensor and voice assistant.

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