iPhone 6 Release To Include Pressure-Sensitive iPhone Touchscreen, Enhanced UI Navigation And More According To Filing

By @peevesky on

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent under Apple relating to a pressure-sensitive screen for iPhone.

The patent described a set of built-pressure sensors that come with a touchscreen allowing an improved UI navigation scheme. With the upcoming release of iPhone 6, analysts believed users can expect a pressure-sensitive touchscreen and other similar features on the flagship phone. Is iPhone 6 the next best smartphone in the market? 

With Samsung announcing its Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone soon, all eyes are also on the Korean tech giant's competitor. Samsung and Apple's rivalry has grown popular throughout the years. With reports saying that both devices promise to set new standards for handsets in the market, every published document related to both company's smarpthone products gain attention. 

Apple Insider recently reported about Apple's "Gesture and touch input detection through force sensing" patent application. The patent describes a unit using the standard multitouch display found in iPad and iPhone. The difference with this device is that it has three force sensors under the screen surface. 

Using pressure-sensitive components in the sides of the device and other specified regions, the sensors can be switched to a secondary type of input. The filing discusses that despite existing and accurate forms of touch control, these are insufficient to support multitouch gestures. There are instances that users try to input a gesture using the edge of the screen. Despite swiping left or right, there are instances the input may not be recognized as desired. 

Ideal configurations feature at minimum of three force sensors. But the use of four or more are standard for this type of system. The sensors should be connected to the touch surface like the display. They can be seen or not seen by the users. 

Previously, it was reported Apple has been investing on sapphire screens for its upcoming devices. If this new patent will be used, then analysts think it may work well with sapphire screens. There are no definite details about all the features of the iPhone 6. Analyst predictions are based on sighted patents and Apple events lately. People will have to stay tuned for further announcements.

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