iPhone 6 Release: Flagship Model to Feature 4.3-Inches Display; Phablet-Like Units Size from 4.5 to 5.0-Inches

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Front panel surfaces of the alleged Apple iPhone 6 leaked out right after the Mobile World Congress event. It seems like that the overall display size only reaches up to 4.3 inches which is smaller compared to the rumoured 4.5 to 5.0 inches screen.

4.3-Inch iPhone 6

French Web site Nowhereelse revealed a new leak of the alleged Apple iPhone 6 expected to be released this year. According to their source, iPhone 6 may not have the earlier rumours of large screen ranging from 4.5 to 5.0 inches but instead to have 4.3-inches of display only.

Leaked images are based on the alleged front panel surfaces of the iPhone 6 accommodating 4.3-inches of display and slimmer bezels than the previous iPhone model. Black layers on the glass are still included which is the known trademark of iPhone models while the home key seems not properly aligned to the centre indicating factory defect and early stages of development showing the prototype of the front side.

However, even if the upcoming iPhone 6 may only feature 4.3-inches of screen display, we still hope for future variants such as phablet-sized iPhone this year that will match Android smartphones that boasts larger screens and higher display resolution.

Release Date

Early reports claim that Apple will release iPhone 6 by summer, not by September. But the prototype of the alleged iPhone 6 says otherwise and fans may need to wait a little longer. Since the leaks are still dealing with display size and screen type, it will take longer to get iPhone 6 ready for commercial use.

It is also unconfirmed if Apple will still retain the trend of two Apple series models on the same generation with the iPhone 6 which they did on iPhone 5S having a cheaper counterpart - the iPhone 5C that features plastic but colourful exterior and performance level of the iPhone 5 running the latest iOS version.

Rumoured Features

While no features yet have been confirmed, we can expect new iOS technology that will be run the upcoming smartphone.

According to TechRadar, iPhone 6 with larger screen display that currently under development is likely to features Retina+ IGZO technology and a newer form factor without any home button any more. Retina+ IGZO display will have 1080 full HD display resolution that may size from 4.6 to 4.7 inches to compete against several Android phablets in the market. This could be one of upcoming variants iPhone 6 having phablet-size display competing against other brands.

If the omission of the hone key is true, iPhone 6 will respond to gestures and Fingerprint ID touch to unlock and use the smartphone. Gesture effects could range from knocking on the screen to waving your hands on the display to execute commands plus more hands-free options for car mode and Siri.

Apple is also thinking on reshaping the technology for iPhone and iPads such as morphing to hide sensors and the camera, and even talks regarding flexible display which will be confirmed if any patents have been covered.

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