iPhone 6 Release to Feature Mobile Payments as Apple Goes on Hiring Spree: More Killer Features

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Apple appears to be pushing more features into the iPhone 6 by the day. According to recent information, iPhone owners may soon have the option of purchasing items through their phones. That is, people can walk into brick and mortar businesses and flash their phones for payment. Apple has been on a hiring spree pushing new features including mobile payments in time for the release of the next iPhone. What can people expect? 

According to a report by Apple Insider, the tech giant has been corresponding with senior-level candidates for the development of an iTunes system supporting mobile payment business. Apple executive Jennifer Bailey has been overseeing meetings comprised of "senior payments industry executives." Bailey was in charge of Apple's online stores previously. 

The report noted that the meetings may have been related to combining the iPhone with payment partners. Some analysts feel that this may be ambitious in the long run but recent information coincide with what Tim Cook revealed previously. 

"The mobile payments area in general is one we've been intrigued with," Tim Cook said previously in an earnings conference call. 

"It was one of the thoughts behind Touch ID." He added. 

"You can tell by looking at the demographics of our customers, and the amount of commerce that goes through iOS devices versus the competition, that it's a big opportunity on the platform a big opportunity on the platform," Cook explained. 

The market has been buzzing around a built-in Apple mobile payment system throughout the years. However, many analysts believe the process will take a while especially the product development. This time, it seems the tech giant is intent on pushing for the feature. If Apple has been laying the groundwork already then it can only be matter of time before people see this in their iPhones. 

Apple has not released final details about the iPhone 6 yet though some think Apple may test out the system through it. 

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