iPhone 6 Release Date Update: Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S5 Features You’d Want To See on the Next iPhone

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Samsung recently unpacked its Galaxy S5 with all the expected impressive features - many of which we'd like to see on the iPhone 6 release date later on this 2014.

Of course, there is no need for Apple to take after Samsung to impress its millions of fans. Just call this a wish list of Android-based capabilities that could be enhanced further in the iOS environment.

Right now, there are five easily-recognisable GS5 features that surely would draw loads of appreciation when rendered with the unique iPhone tweaks. Read on to find out:

A bigger and better iPhone screen

The smartphone trend is going big on the viewing window and Samsung happily obliges by delivering a Galaxy S5 with a 5.1-inch screen display. While not as huge as the bigger phablets out there, the GS5 somehow satisfies users' expectations from smartphones of today - more screen navigational space and better viewing experience on a mobile device.

Apple remains coy on speculations that from 4-inch, the next iPhone will offer a near phablet-size screen. Analysts look forward for the iPhone 6 to sport a display that ranges from 4.5-inch to 5.5-inch. And with recent reports that suggest the tech giant will employ Quantum Dot display technology for the 2014 iPhone refresh, said to be better than Retina, things should get more exciting.

Water and element repelling features

According to CNET, the GS5 boasts of a military-grade IP67 toughness feature, which allows underwater submersion of the device for 30 minutes and depth of one metre. Such robustness has been previously bannered in other smartphones but thanks to the GS5, water-proofing is now a high-end device standard.

Known Apple fanboy Peter Cohen of iMore has admitted that Samsung has a killer feature to be proud in the GS5. He could only wish that Apple will present a water-resistant iPhone this year.

"An iPhone that could tolerate occasional spills or quick dunks without completely frying ... and something that you could keep in your pocket in a heavy downpour and not have to worry about shorting out," Cohen wrote on his blog.

16MP rear-cam sensor

We all know Apple is not a believer in the camera megapixel race but in many occasions, it is hard to argue against the numbers. A GS5 with a 16MP main shooter is nothing short of incredible and initial reviews of the device so far confirmed that high MP numbers for the new Samsung flagship bring in good results.

The iPhone maker consistently touts of the iOS smartphones superlative qualities. For sure, improving the iPhone 5S' 8MP cam with the usual hardware upgrades plus a little of lens sensor bump up will win more applauds than before.

The iPhone as a handy health tool

The iPhone 5S is the first handset to brandish biometric security with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner but the Galaxy S5, according to CNET, is the first to provide a heart-rate scanner, located just below the rear-cam lens. The feature measures blood pressure by reading the tip of a finger.

It is almost certain that Apple will deliver the same functionality with the iPhone 6, basing on recent leaks and patent clues. Now this is one iPhone feature addition that really matters and that will bring joy to the hearts of many Apple die-hards.

Extra memory slot that supports 128GB

Initially, the GS5 is in 16GB and 32GB storage configurations, which somehow disappoint as Android fans have been asking for a 128GB version of the Galaxy S5. However, Samsung attempts to please by assuring that the built-in memory is expandable by up to 128GB. In theory, the GS5 will enjoy some 160GB of digital space (some 150GB of which are usable) when a 32GB unit is paired with a 128GB microSD card.

Now, that is a lot of room to move around with Full HD movies and thousands of songs, even beating an iPhone 6 with 128GB of internal memory. This should prod iPhone users to hope for the next iPhone to have a 128GB variant or allow for extra-memory provision with full-support for 128GB memory cards. Or having both features in the iPhone 6 is very much preferred.

For now, the projected iPhone 6 release date is between July and September 2014, basing on the latest Apple supply chain chatters, which is about half-a-year of wait to confirm the wish list above.

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