iPhone 6 Release Date Update: September Release Plus Sonar Technology and Rounded Display

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Apple's iPhone 6 has been in the spotlight. Together with the Samsung Galaxy S5, it is set to be released this year. Given the success of their predecessors, the market is keen to know what the next generation will offer to the table. According to recent reports, Apple's iPhone 6 will be released around September. The device will feature a rounded display plus sonar technology. Is it worth the wait? 

According to a number of sources, Apple is working on patenting a sonar technology. This will include a proximity detection feature in the iPhone 6. The U.S. patent office released an application from Apple. The company passed the application early in December. According to the document, the technology focuses on the integration of audio sensors into the display of the device. 

The technology will allow the iPhone 6 to use passive sonar to identify sound waves coming from objects. This will let people use the sonar to do a range of functions. For example, switching off automatically when near the face or mapping out a room. 

The sonar technology makes it possible for the iPhone 6 to determine whether it is about to fall or hit an object. It can switch off important functions or applications. Other reported uses include giving users precise walking directions when in unfamiliar regions or suggesting dangerous areas when detected. The sonar technology offers endless of possibilities for the iPhone 6. It will let Apple turn the device into one of the most powerful smartphones around. 

There are also reports saying that Apple's iPhone 6 will feature a round display. More than the curved display, it appears the tech giant will focus more on a round display for better experience. There are no confirmations from Apple yet but the curved and bend display seems to be the next trend for smartphones. Some analysts agree Apple will follow the trend, others are not so convinced. 

With the release of the A7 chip with the iPhone 5s, analysts think that Apple will move forward to an A8 chip for the next flagship phone. If this will happen, the new iPhone will boast more power. Release date is expected around September or October. Based from the last three years, Apple has been releasing new phones around this time. 

People will have to wait for official confirmation from Apple. 

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