iPhone 6 Release Date Update: 6 Apple Patents Likely to Become Killer Features on Sept 19

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The iPhone 6 release date this 2014 will most likely happen on September 19 and as the device's estimated time of arrival is seemingly settled, the next question pops up: What stuff the next iPhone is made of?

Thanks to the extensive coverage by Apple-focused Web site Patently Apple, fans have at least six solid clues that in a few months from now could turn into the bunch of fresh killer features that will debut with the iPhone 6.

Liquidmetal and sapphire

It is fair to say that Liquidmetal and sapphire will figure prominently come the iPhone 6 launch date. After all, according to Apple Insider, Apple has invested hundreds of million dollars on the materials that allegedly will make the next iPhone prettier and tougher.

Specifically, the iPhone maker shelled out $20 million for the exclusive rights to use the metal alloy and another $578 million to mass produce sapphire glass coating. But the same report noted that sapphire has the higher chance of actually being part of the iPhone 6 once it comes out of the box.

To date, Liquidmetal remains an expensive puzzle that the tech giant has yet to piece together, added Apple Insider on its report.

Shock and crack proof iPhone housing

Beyond sapphire and Liquidmetal, Apple is also exploring other ways to make the future iPhones more durable. One of the company's numerous patents propose the use of potassium and sodium ion treatments on the material that is used as iPhone glass cover.

Apparently, according to Patently Apple, the procedure will compress the glass screen surface and edges, thus making it tougher to break, accidentally or deliberately.

Also, a sort of shock-absorber is being proposed to be part of the next iPhone's insides, purportedly to inflate the glass cover during impact and reduce possible damages that the screen would incur when dropped or pressed down.

Improved Apple Maps

Apple has been hard at work to fix its in-house navigational following the fiasco that attended the iPhone 5 launch in 2012. And the company is hell-bent in delivering a Map application that could convince users to finally switch from Google Map.

Likely by the time iOS 8 is out, a new interactive map will be packed with the iPhone 6, the highlights of which, according to Business Insider, are accurate and real-time directional feeds with options to personalise.


Numerous analysts have been predicting that iWallet will touchdown with the iPhone 6 and paired with Touch ID and NFC technologies, this approved Apple patent is touted to make online and physical mobile shopping a breeze with the added bonus of robust security layers.

3D shooting capabilities

Another killer feature candidate is 3D imaging that according to Patently Apple became a possibility for the future iPhones since 2012, or the time the Apple invention was approved by U.S. patent authorities.

By pairing the iPhone camera with extra-powerful sensors, users will be able to produce clips and images and three-dimensional render, likely as early as the iPhone 6 unboxing.


The 2014 iWatch push that according to analysts will happen simultaneous with the iPhone 6 release will underscore Apple's embrace of the wearable device. While the iOS timepiece is envisioned to hit the market with stand-alone features, experts said that is its most exciting functions will be when wirelessly hooked up with the iPhone.

That could mean initiating and receiving calls, reading and sending messages or almost about the everyday tasks that are normally performed by users without picking the iOS smartphone out of the pocket.

The iPhone 6 release date, both for the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, is reportedly slated in mid-September 2014 and if recent reports from China and Germany are to be believed, the exact date would be on the 19th of the month.

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