iPhone 6 Release Date Update: 4.7-Inch Model Scores 65.8% In Screen-To-Size Ratio; A Surprise Entry Scales Top Spot [List Attached]

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An Apple employee waves a rainbow flag before marching in the San Francisco Gay Pride Festival in California June 29, 2014. Thousands of Apple employees donned specially designed T shirts at the festival and marched in unison. This year's turnout was largest in the company's history, several Apple employees told Reuters. Reuters

What we already know is that Apple iPhone 6 will be unveiled on Sept. 9. However, the iPhone 6 will hit the store shelves between Sept. 16 and Sept 19.

Meaning, the next-generation Apple device will be offered by mobile network carriers and retail stores in the aforementioned time frame, which is a week from the much-awaited announcement date, says China Unicom insiders via Phone Arena.

Moreover, from the time iPhone 6 started making waves in the blogosphere, the speculations and rumours surrounding the screen size are rife. Apparently, Apple is moving out of its conventional small-screen preference to relatively bigger screen with the upcoming device. With the recent advent of large-screen crazy crowd, the ignored concept of smartphone's screen-to-size ratio is factored in like never-before. For many, screen size is a make or break deal now-a-days.

In specific, the term "screen-to-size ratio" signifies the efficiency in which a handset's frontal portion is utilized. It factors in the following - are there any spaces wasted or left unused, how much bezels are surrounding the display and the location/positioning of the buttons. In general, the term factors in everything in and around the display except for the touchscreen.

Considering the upcoming iPhone 6's 4.7-inch display with an aspect ratio of 9:16, the screen will be roughly 2.3-inch in width and 4.0-inch+ in height. Ignoring the details pertaining to calculation, the screen-to-size ratio of Apple iPhone 6 is roughly 65.8% for the 4.7-inch variant, which is not an impressive score. To put it in perspective, here are some of the screen-to-size ratios pertaining to other phones, painstakingly calculated by the ever-trustable Phone Arena. The top scorer however is the under-dog Sharp Aquos Crystal handset. To read more on the killer Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone click here.


Screen-to-size %

Sharp Aquos Crystal




Nexus 5


Moto X


OnePlus One


Samsung Galaxy Alpha


Galaxy S5


Sony Xperia Z2


BlackBerry Z30


HTC One M8


iPhone 6 (Alleged)


Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini


iPhone 5S


Furthermore, Apple will also introduce its wearable gear iWatch during the iPhone 6 announcement on Sept. 9. The device will make use of the HealthKit and HomeKit APIs introduced in WWDC 2014. In addition, Apple iWatch will reportedly come in several sizes complemented by different designs targeting potential buyers with different price ranges. Also, the iWatch is expected to come equipped with various health and fitness monitors/sensors in order to calculate diverse health metrics, according to MacRumors.

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