iPhone 6 Release Date Update: 3 Proofs 4.7-Inch, 5.5-Inch Models Will Touchdown Sept-Oct 2014

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A woman looks at the screen of her mobile phone in front of an Apple logo outside its store in downtown Shanghai September 10, 2013.
A woman looks at the screen of her mobile phone in front of an Apple logo outside its store in downtown Shanghai September 10, 2013. REUTERS

If Apple plans for the iPhone 6 release date to happen in September 2014, at the earliest, preparations for the next iPhone's market debut should be in full swing by this time.

And thanks to the latest buzz from Asia, where the device will be assembled, the Apple sphere can now count on three indicators that point to a September or October commercial rollout or few weeks after the Sept 9 unveiling with the possibility of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch builds coming out in short succession.

TSMC in capacity expansion mode

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will embark in expansion capacity starting in the second half of 2014 and the whole undertaking will cost the company some $3 billion of fresh capital injection, according to a new report by DigiTimes.

The new expenditure will cover "advanced capacity expansion, conversion of certain logic capacity to specialty technologies, building and facility installation as well as capacity setup for advanced packaging and assembly," the report added.

Now it is no secret that TSMC is the main supplier of the processing chips that will power the iPhone 6 this year (as well the as upcoming models in 2015) and with the company gearing up for something big it could only mean of bigger things to come.

Mass production of iPhone 6 will begin shortly

Earlier reports this year have indicated that A8 processors from TSMC have been bulk delivered to Apple device assemblers in China and months after, G4Games is reporting that the iPhone 6 manufacturing is now in the so-called Product Validation Test (PVT) stage.

PVT is the phase prior to the transition to mass production of the device, which means that anytime this August Chinese workers will begin the large-scale assembly of the iPhone 6, that is if the activities haven't started yet.

G4Games pointed to the Chinese social media site Weibo as source of its information.

iPhone 6 availability is September or October

Once the next iPhone is boxed and shipped out, its commercial release will be the episode to watch for. If Thai authorities are to be believed, the iPhone 6 will hit the stores anywhere between late September and the following month.

Thailand, according to 9to5Mac, has confirmed that the iPhone 5S sequel is due to arrive in the given period. Last year, Thais first had a taste of the 5S in October but it is likely that this year Apple would opt for an earlier and simultaneous release of the iPhone 6 around the world and Thailand could be one of the initial recipients.

It is suggested too that the separate iPhone 6 release dates will come in short span as the Thai local report revealed two model numbers, A1524 and A1586, which likely will be the 4.7-inch edition and the 5.5-inch variant respectively.

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