iPhone 6 Release Date on Schedule; Battery Problems Fixed With New Suppliers On Board - Reports

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Earlier reports suggested that Apple's much-awaited 5.5-inches iPhone 6 variant is delayed until early 2015 due to supplier problems. However, new reports state that the bottleneck has been resolved. Therefore, the iPhone 6 release date in September is on schedule.

What is New?

Based on the earlier report, iPhone 6 component suppliers specific to battery unit are battling in every possible way to meet the tight schedule of Apple. The report further asserted that due to the aforementioned issue, there is a possibility in the postponement of the next-generation phablet device from Apple. In the meantime, Apple has worked out a plan to fix all the issues pertaining to battery unit by partnering with a new supplier to meet the demand, according to GForGames.

It is worth mentioning that, the obvious reason for the high demand on battery is that Apple wants to make iPhone 6 lighter and thinner like never before. With such a thin body, the placeholder to house the battery is obviously much smaller when compared to its predecessor. Hence the battery unit suppliers for iPhone 6 are scrambling to find a way to keep up with Apple's demand within limited time.

If the reports are true, Dynapack, Apple's major hardware component supplier could not provide the required battery units on schedule. Notably, Dynapack is the battery unit partner that worked with Apple for its iPhone 5.

Going by the new Taiwan media report, Apple has got a new hardware component supplier in Simplo. Apparently, this company has already fixed Apple's battery woes by providing flexible and thin battery units. However, Apple is not taking this issue lightly; hence the other existing supplier named Desai is also sharing the workload.

Sunwoda, another hardware component supplier of Apple was also reported to be engaged in the battle to fix iPhone 6's battery problems. With the recent Taiwan reports, it is clear that Apple has solved the issue and the demands can also be met with the new partners in hand. Therefore, Apple will likely not stumble on to any more iPhone 6 battery related problems.

Reported Battery Specifications

It is worth noting that, Apple has always been criticised for its relatively inferior battery unit, when compared to its Android counterparts. Another report from China pointed out that the upcoming iPhone 6 will only have marginal battery improvements when compared to its predecessor iPhone 5S. The report further added that the 4.7-inches iPhone 6 variant will house a battery unit somewhere between 1,800 and 1,900 mAh, whereas the 5.5-inches iPhone 6 model will come with a 2,500 mAh battery unit. While the current iPhone 5S comes with 1,560 mAh battery unit. Meanwhile, Apple has not confirmed any of the above reports.

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