iPhone 6 Release Date Real Soon as Best Buy Dangles 16GB iPhone 5S For $1?

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Is the iPhone 6 release date coming very soon as the tag price of its predecessor, the iPhone 5S, is now set by Best Buy at dirt cheap $1 for the 16GB variant with two-year contract?

U.S. retail giant Best Buy appears to be a big hurry to clear out its current iPhone 5S inventory, luring Apple fans to the existing iOS smartphone in exchange for a dollar. In order to take advantage of the irresistible deal, customers must bring in any working iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 as shown on this page.

Units to be surrendered will be appraised and the minimum gift cash that a trade-in can attract is $150. So for current owners of iPhone 4S that fetches the same value, the iPhone 5S is ready to take home with only a dollar leaving their pocket.

It is likely too that swappers can stuff this steal of an iPhone 5S deal with some loot cash as potentially a perfectly working iPhone 5, without dents or scratches, can command an appraisal value beyond the $150 starting price.

Best Buy, however, is very clear that the trade-in value or the gift card coming from the deal is exclusively for the 16GB iPhone 5S, which is attached with network service that is preferred by buyers.

The offering is the best so far involving the 5S as it should be noted that the same device when picked up directly from Apple is priced at $200 with contract agreement. Unlocked, the tag becomes steeper.

The Best Buy package also provides extra convenience to iPhone 4S and 5 owners who were planning for some time now to jump to the 5S.

But is the deal worth taking the plunge now?

As in previous cases, promotional campaigns that involve significant price mark downs for existing device models suggest one thing - that the next build is touching down very soon. This, according to analysts, is not only true for Apple but for other device makers like Samsung and others.

The rationale is, Apple and its retail partners are looking to sell as many as current models and real quick before unleashing the better, prettier and more powerful replacement.

And it looks like the iPhone 6 is worth the wait, inviting enough to skip the iPhone 5S even when offered virtually free.

Rumours suggest that the next iPhone will sport a bigger screen at 4.7-inch, will pack more muscle and speed with a 64-bit A8 processing chip, will boast of better durability wrapped in a Liquidmetal casing and sapphire coating and will overflow with killer features thanks to iOS 8.

The iPhone 6 release date is likely set between August and September 2014, which for many is not too long to wait for.

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