iPhone 6 Release Date is Q1 2014: 3 Solid Reasons Why Apple is Rushing the Debut of 1st iOS Phablet

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Despite Apple's declaration that the new iPhone 5S and 5C are selling well, chalking up some nine million unit sales so far, reports emerged that the iPhone 6 release date next year is being steamrolled.

The main reason, according to sources, would be the alleged slow movements of 5S and 5C inventories though stocks of the former seems a big question mark until now for the 2013 flagship iPhone buyers.

According to The Motley Fool, the latest iPhone batch could prove disastrous for Apple and might even end up as the least successful smartphone build in the iOS class, notwithstanding its record-breaking first-week debut that surpassed the iPhone 5's performance in late 2012.

To offset what seems to be shaping up as an Apple financial nosedive, reports alluded to a move that would lead to earlier than expected coming out of the large-screen iPhone.

Here are the three reasons why we would be looking at the new iPhone 6 as early as January 2014:

Replenishing the 5S stocks remains a huge challenge for Apple

Even before the new iPhone was unveiled this year, analysts warned that the units to hit the store shelves would be insufficient to meet the global demand. While Apple posted on its online store that waiting time for the delivery is whittled down to three weeks, restiveness among buyers still rule and they could switch to what is readily available out there.

To stave off the dreaded migration to Android or even Windows devices, it is possible that Apple would strongly hint of an iPhone variant that that could be unleashed in the next few months.

Nothing is written in stone but a January 2013 outing for the 4.7-inch (or 5.7-inch) iPhone 6 is very much possible, Apple watchers said.

64-bit A7 chip is giving the iPhone 5S a bad name

Apple touted its new computing standard, 64-bit, as forward-looking but it appears that the same system is responsible in spawning a glitch that now troubles the overhauled iOS 7 mobile platform.

Reports abound that the so-called 'Blue Screen of Death' is becoming a regular iPhone issue. This ominous device problem was formerly a Windows-only phenomenon, now it spilled over to the iOS universe. Apps are crashing on iOS 7 and the problem lies not on the operating system. Experts blame the new 64-bit architecture that Apple thought wise to let out ahead of the pack.

To correct the issue, it's quite possible that the tech giant will simply expedite the iPhone 6 roll out, aside from dispatching firmware updates that should make the already circulating 5S and 5C more stable. Yet the major improvements will be stuffed with the Apple phablet.

The price is not right, that is of the 5S and 5C

In the U.S., the 5S sells for as low as $100 and the 5C for $50 or even free in select cases. Yet these packages are exclusive only for American consumers. For the rest of the world, where telco subsidies are unheard of, the cheapest 5S is around $600 or more while the 5C is offered no lower than $700.

Such pricing makes the two handsets virtually inaccessible to hundreds of millions and it's quite unlikely for Apple and its global retail partner to make significant adjustments without denting their profit margins.

The better alternative, according to experts, is to uncage the iPhone 6 as soon as possible. While it may not touchdown with a lower price mark, at least consumers will be convinced that they are getting the better deal as analysts have been insisting for the longest time that the 5S is a mere incremental jump.

The iPhone 6, on the other hand, will show off jaw-dropping new handset design and first-rate component upgrades that will do more justice to the loads of killer features deeply coded with iOS 7.

Analysts are assuming that the iPhone 6 would arrive by the second half of 2014 but with the pressing situation, it is highly likely that its release date would be advanced between January and March of the same year.

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