iPhone 6 Release Date Nears as Foxconn, Pegatron Begin Ramped-Up Production Mode in Asia – Reports

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The iPhone 6 release date is nearing realisation in the immediate months ahead as supply chain chatter from Asia points to a production start for the next-gen iPhone in the second quarter of 2014.

As the usual case, the new iOS device is stuffed with killer specs and features - one of them is a remote camera control that Apple intends to deploy soon, likely making it in time for the iPhone 6 debut, Apple Insider said in a report.

Reuters has reported that the iPhone 6 manufacturing activities are set to commence as early as April this year with the target of achieving full production capacity by July 2014, setting the stage for an August or September launch of the handset.

It appears now that two major Asian contractors are involved in the mass production of Apple's hotly-anticipated to the iPhone 5S. BGR has earlier reported that Foxconn has sealed orders from the tech giant to deliver some 90 million new iPhone units in the second half of the year.

Add to that are the bulk shipments that will originate from the production facilities of Pegatron though the Reuters report did not supply the specific number of iPhone that Apple will receive from its other Chinese contractor.

Nonetheless, the latest reports indicate that the iPhone maker is gearing up for a massive global distribution of the iPhone 6, with the likelihood of an immediate and simultaneous release in most markets around the world.

Apple watchers are estimating, based in numerous reports so far, that unlike in the previous models, the iPhone 6 will be readily available on launch time with sufficient supplies for everyone.

And the tech giant appears pretty confident that the iPhone 6 will move real fast as one feature that could prod consumers to snap up the upcoming gadget is its remotely controlled camera.

According to Apple Insider, a newly-approved Apple patent strongly suggests the inclusion of camera features that permit users to manipulate the iPhone shooter from a distance. With this added premium function, iPhone 6 owners can remotely preview a subject, capture its image or clip then review it for possible editing.

Pairing the accessory via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to an iPhone, users should relish snapping "selfies, vacation pictures and recording sports training sessions," said the same report.

The upcoming camera feature also includes real-time notification alerts that allow the convenience of remote camera monitoring, Apple Insider said.

This and other fresh Apple inventions are expected to banner the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 on release date that according to analyst will touch down a little earlier than last year - likely in late August or early September with the possibility of having a companion iOS phablet device with a 5.5-inch screen.

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