iPhone 6 Release Date Nears as Case Photos Leaked

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iPhone 6 release date may happen soon as alleged photos of the smartphone cases leaked online.

Australian teen blogger Sonny Dickson published purported photos of iPhone 6. He said that the next Apple smartphone will have a slimmer built and a bigger screen display. Dickson added that the next iPhone could be a cross between an iPad Air and iPod Touch.

However, he added a disclaimer, "I'm not 100% sure this is the real back housing."

Sonny Dickson gained credible reputation with his leaked photos of iPhone 5C in different colours and iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display cases last year.

However, Dickson was not the lone person to publish the leaked photos. The same photos were found in Twitter. According to Mashable, the photos were fake. Colinstalter from the Reddit community spotted the smudges on Dickson's photos that matched the image created by 3D illustrator and concept image designer Martin Hajek.

Meanwhile, some of the iPhone 6 rumoured features are A8 processor, iOS 8 and fingerprint sensor. Apple patents gave out hints on possible features of iPhone 6 such as curved or flexible screen embedded with liquidmetal material, sapphire glass screen display, improved Siri, and gestures control.

Also, new evidence emerged that backed up the rumour that iPhone 6 will include a sapphire glass screen display. Sapphire glass could be the main selling point of the new handset. It will provide solutions to some of the major complaints to iPhones such as susceptibility to breakage and damage. Sapphire glass will make the smartphone scratch-resistant and less prone to shattering and breakage.

There is no confirmation yet whether there will be two variants of iPhone 6 coming this year just like last year's iPhone 5S and 5C. But rumours claimed that one of the two models arriving this year will enter the phablet market and will kick off a new line of smartphones.

Apple still has not confirmed yet the real iPhone 6 release date. However, there is a growing speculation that iPhone 6 will be announced in June at the Worldwide Developers' Conference, which is the original release date window of Apple's handset. Other reports claimed that the handset will be released in September.

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