iPhone 6 Release Date Moved to October 2014 for Simultaneous Launch with 2.5-Inch iWatch – Reports

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The iPhone 6 release date this year could be pushed back a bit - from September to October - as new reports emerge that the iWatch is poised to begin mass production in July and will hit the market in the first month of Q4 2014.

The 2.5-inch Apple smartwatch with a rectangular face will enter production phase next month and will become available by early October, Reuters said in a report, citing its anonymous sources described as "familiar with the matter."

If such is the case, it is highly likely too that the iPhone 6 debut will have to wait a few more weeks as an earlier note issued by Cantor Fitzgerald indicated that Apple's upcoming iWatch while bestowed with stand-alone features, is principally designed to pair and work with the iPhone 5S sequel.

Along that line, the same report predicted that the next iPhone and the first iOS smartwatch retail at the same time.

Now with the new development reported by Reuters, a twin rollout of the iPhone 6 and the iWatch in October appears to be on the horizon though Apple could still unveil the two devices for a grand public preview.

But as in previous cases that concern on alleged release details and leaked features of its upcoming products, Apple remained silent on the matter.

The slight delay, according to MacRumors, is likely explained by the supposed low yields of sapphire materials that are lined up for use on the iWatch and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 phablet so an October release schedule will at least give more time for the tech giant to fix the production glitch.

And even if the target time is met, it remains possible that the bigger iPhone 6 will only be in limited supplies plus there are indications too that the 4.7-inch model will still  use Corning Glass cover instead of sapphire, added the same report.

MacRumors pointed to The Economic Daily News as the source of its report.

Now while most of the iPhone 6 killer features have been hinted about by numerous leaks, patent publications and the recent iOS 8 revelation, what the basic iWatch form factor is and snippets of its smart capabilities are also the subject of the Reuters report.

The iWatch is "slightly rectangular ... the watch face will protrude slightly from the band, creating an arched shape, and will feature a touch interface and wireless charging capabilities," said the news agency.

The device is also believed to come with multiple sensors that support one of its functions as a healthy lifestyle tool.

But what could prove as the device's main allure to consumers is its capacity to complement and highlight the bevy of fresh killer features that the iOS 8-powered iPhone 6 will deliver on its 2014 release date.

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