iPhone 6 Release Date May Be Delayed Due to China Production Problems, Mockup Gallery and Sprint Spark Compatible

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File photo of Apple's iPhone 5S being displayed at an Apple shop in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district
Apple's new iPhone 5S is displayed at an Apple shop in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district in this September 20, 2013 file photo. REUTERS/Yuya Shino/Files

Apple's iPhone 6 will reportedly hit stores this fall but there may be some changes coming soon as production problems have been reported in China. According to the latest information, there may be some changes or adjustments on the production schedule of the iPhone 6 as China supply chain sources hint at problems from component suppliers. More importantly, people can now access a mockup gallery featuring iPhone 6 dummies plus talks about Sprint Spark compatibility also surfaced. 

According to China Times, Apple will be trying out a new display technology supporting a thinner form factor. In order to pull off the thinner display and build, Apple will have to reduce the number of components while also developing higher quality parts for the remaining. However, the use of fewer elements meant bumping the quality to a significant level which has reportedly been causing problems to component suppliers of the company. 

The concerned components are the brightness enhancement films or BEFs used in the display. Apple used two sheets previously but will now use only one. While the use of single layer BEF has been reported before, new information suggest that the tech giant has to work things out with its suppliers to make sure the thinner display can be pulled off. 

As if to support and compensate for the production problems in China, Apple Insider reported Foxconn to use "Foxbots" to help in the manufacture of the handsets. According to the company's CEO Terry Gou, the company is in the final stages of testing. They may soon deploy the technology to a specific factory. Foxconn will be targeting 10,000 robots initially to replace the need for human labor force. In theory, 10,000 robots can produce up to 300 million iPhone units in a year. 

Apple has not released any comments about the production of the iPhone 6. 

As for people looking to have better insight on what the iPhone 6 will offer, 9to5Mac offers a gallery of mockups. Mark Pelin provides a series of design renders based from the front cover dummies, display components, physical mockups and schematics leaked previously. 

In Sprint's community forum, a raised a question if Apple will plan on guaranteeing the next iPhone 6 is Sprint Spark compatible. Some users believe that the tech giant should refrain from doing so because Sprint Spark along with triband phones can be messy. 

Apple has yet to provide final details and specs of the iPhone 6.

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