iPhone 6 Release Date Looms Large as Best Buy Dangles Irresistible Sale Deals On iPhone 5S, iPad Mini & Future iPhones

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The iPhone 6 release date this 2014 is coming very soon and the most solid proof was provided by giant retailer Best Buy - offering huge discounts and other deals on the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C and even the iPad Mini.

Starting February 16, Apple's current flagship, the iPhone 5S, will be offered on Best Buy branches across the United States with $50 price off, and according to CNET, the latest promotional campaign can be paired with the U.S. retailer's existing promo for all iOS devices.

So with the hefty price cuts for instance, the basic iPhone 5S with 16GB of internal memory will be up for grabs at $150. The plastic-wrapped iPhone 5C, on the other hand, will be reduced to a very affordable $50.

But the best mark down is reserved for the 2012 Apple hero phone, the iPhone 5, which Best Buy is pushing out for free.

All packages are with lock-in requirements and buyers simply have to tap AT&T, Sprint or Verizon from among the list of partner service providers. CNET reported too that those planning to avail of the discounts will need to act very quick as the promo period will end on Feb 22.

Aside from the price cut backs, gift cards are also in the menu. For instance, gadget buyers planning to upgrade before the 2014 ends can make reservations with Best Buy and the store will automatically award a $50 value card.

The same can be used once the iPhone 6 release date becomes a reality later this year or in a few months' time should the next iPhone debut time is advanced by Apple.

And for those wanting to take home the iPad Mini with Retina display but hesitate to pay the full cash damage, know that the same device is now sitting on Best Buy shelves minus $50 and the new price tags are in effect across the board - all variants are taking the cut.

Again shoppers need to hurry as the offer expires by the end of business day, also Feb 22.

Or if the plan is to grab the same slate with higher price slash, take note that Best Buy is accepting trade-ins anew over the next seven days. The best value that swappers can get is $200 but remember that the amount of credit to be had will depend on the condition of the old iPad to be surrendered.

It goes without saying that an iPad that humming just fine with no scratches (looking almost fresh out of the box) will get the highest appraisal.

Now as in the case before, price cuts and trade in from major retailers always spark rumours that the next big thing is coming real - in this case, the iPhone 5S inventory its being cleared out to make space for the iPhone 6.

This has been signal in the prior years and Apple watchers believe that the indicators will be just for 2014 and the next iPhone, the rollout of which, according to some analysts, could come as early as June or July this year.

Expectations are high for the iPhone 6 release date as the device is rumoured to sport a 4.7-inch screen or higher, a Liquidmetal casing, sapphire glass and body coating, wireless charging that is powered by a solar panel, a 64-bit A8 CPU and iOS 8.

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