iPhone 6 Release Date In July - Jefferies Analyst

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iPhone 6 release date is set in July 2014, according to an analyst. Jefferies Analyst Peter Misek predicted the long rumored Apple smartwatch, iWatch, will be launched early next year while the iPhone 6 will arrive in July.

He said three to five million units of the device will be supplied to China Mobile, which is the world's largest carrier. Like other analysts, Misek has a hit and miss reputation when it comes to iPhone predictions. For the longest time, Apple wants to dominate the Chinese market as it has the biggest population of smartphone users.

June is the original release date of iPhone and the smartphone will be made available in July. It is possible that Apple will go back to its original launch calendar.

It was previously reported that iPhone 6 will be released alongside the iWatch in October next year. C Technology reported that Apple already tested two prototypes of iWatch device. However, the company has not yet finalized the display size. Rumors claimed that Apple is mulling over 1.5 and 1.8 inches OLED displays for its smartwatch. The wearable device will battle against Samsung Galaxy Gear.

iPhone 6 release date is still unconfirmed with rumors saying that the possible release date will be early next year. Moreover, the price of the iPhone 5S were slashed off by carriers and retailers these past few days as an early Christmas treat to Apple fans.

Although device prices usually go down during the Holiday season to attract more buyers and reap profits, Apple is quite strict when it comes to the retail price of its devices in the past and only lowers the price when another device is on its way.

This unusual decrease in iPhone prices hints the imminent iPhone 6 release date. iPhone 6 is rumored to pack a larger screen display with a size between 4.8 inches to 6 inches. The next iPhone may retain some of iPhone 5S' features such as the 64-bit A7 processor, M7 graphics chip and the fingerprint sensor. However, new patents showed that iPhone 6 may include curved screen display and refocusable light camera. 

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