Iphone 6 Release Date Fast -Approaching, Reuse and Recycle Program Now in Australia

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The iPhone 6 release this September is inevitable. To bridge the gap between the slowdown in sales prior to the release and the assumed shoot-up after iPhone 6 is launched, Apple is doing several moves in order for the brand to keep on with their revenues and popularity in the smartphone scene.

There has been reports of Apple's supposed "discreet" tie-up with online shopping network eBay in selling reconditioned iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s models. This strategic marketing move is set not only to maintain the company's stature but also help Apple in reducing the quantity of their more obsolete phone models in their inventory.

Another venture is the "Reuse and Recycle" program which was initially introduced in the US and is now offered to Apple's Australian market.

Before its confirmation, leakage of information regarding this progam came from 9to5Mac last June.

So what are the mechanics or procedures of this trade-in program? Apple consumers may bring their old units to local Apple stores in Australia. After the store attendant appraised the value of your existing phone, credit for the unit's value will be deducted from your new purchase.

In the US, where the program debuted late last year, customers need to answer a few questions at the Apple online store. After which, an offer good for 30 days will be provided on the page. If the offer is amenable to the Apple user, the old unit can be shipped free of charge via the company's partner PowerOn. Once Apple finished evaluating the unit, an Apple Store gift card tantamount to the value of the older-model iPhone will be sent back to the consumer. This card is now ready for use towards the next purchase. However, this online option is exclusive to the US for now.

As the company promised, they can give as much as $250 credit to loyal Apple followers who will take advantage of the "Reuse and Recycle" program.

The on-going program prior to the iPhone 6 release has also expanded allowing iPad users to take part in trading-in previous iPad models.

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