iPhone 6 Release Date Countdown Starts at 2014 WWDC in June? 4 Minimum Specs & Features to Watch For

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iPhone 6
iPhone 6 in Sam Beckett's concept video Screenshot from YouTube Video

The iPhone 6 release date will not take place in time for Apple's 2014 WWDC that is set to kick off on June 2 but the 5-day affair will surely trigger the countdown for the arrival of the iPhone 5S sequel.

At best, the annual event will likely produce iOS 8, replacing iOS 7.1, that will power the tech giant's 2014 iOS device line up, which as expected is headlined by the next iPhone build, said to be bigger, lighter, more powerful and prettier than the last make.

The expectations run high on what the iPhone 6 will bring to the table come the handset's rollout moment yet in order to be realistic about the so-called killer features for the next iPhone, it is best to simply watch for the minimum specs, The Motley Fool reports.

And four of these fresh iPhone 6 servings are briefly previewed below:

64-bit 20nm A8 chip with moderate speed

The likelihood is high that Apple will jump from A7 to A8 for the iPhone 6, using the same 64-bit computing standard that the tech giant had introduced with the iPhone 5S. This possibility excites the Apple fandom that some conjectured a CPU speed that is double the capacity of the 5S, which spins away at 1.3GHz.

Perhaps Apple will but for efficiency's sake, the maximum the company will go for is 1.6GHz, which should be sufficient to pack the muscle and speed that iPhone users will need while keeping the efficient flow of power juice. The objective is to strike a balance that will make the iPhone 6 powerful enough and at the same time keep it going for long hours in a single charge, says Motley Fool.

2GB of RAM, for now

According to AnandTech, Apple's 64-bit processing chip is definitely desktop-class computing. So will it follow that in the iPhone 6, the RAM provision could go as high as 4GB for consumers to really feel the power of A8 chip.

In theory, 4GB or more on A8 CPU is doable but doing so will drive up costs. And that would force Apple to jack up the iPhone 6 sticker price, which could turn off hordes of smartphone shoppers in the face of capable and cheaper Android alternatives.

So again to keep the balance right, 2GB of RAM will likely arrive with the iPhone 6, the use of which should be maximised by the enhanced hardware integration that is expected from iOS 8.

4.7-inch display in 1600 x 900 resolution

Any hopes of a phablet-size iPhone 6 are dampened by Apple's insistence that for the feature to be part of the iOS system, the technology involved must not result into compromises. The next iPhone, however, will get an upsize.

And it will sport a 4.7-inch screen profile that will boast of 1600 x 900 pixels, which reflect the sweet spot to achieve these crucial considerations - more viewing and navigational screen space, sharper image and clip rendering and efficient power use.

Wireless connectivity

No question, Apple is using the best technology available for the iPhone 6 and according to The Motley Fool, Intel and Qualcomm are the best candidates to supply the Wi-Fi and LTE-Advanced chips that will come with the device.

Any of the two snagging the contract will surely lead to faster and more stable Wi-Fi and cellular access that iPhone users will relish. And with the spectre of two giant names duking it out for the wireless chips that the iPhone 6 will rely on, pricing at the retail point will remain reasonable.

As mentioned, it is unlikely that the iPhone 6 release date will happen as Apple opens its doors for the 2014 WWDC but waiting time for the specs above will certainly be shortened at around that time.

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