iPhone 6 Release Date Confirmed, Ways To Speed Up Old iPhones While Waiting

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The leaf on the Apple symbol is tinted green at the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave in New York

With the upcoming release of iPhone 6 this September 19, many can't help but to compare their old iPhones to the new one.

iPhone 6 is the most awaited phone this year, confirmed specs and rumoured ones are going viral for consumer's interests. Users are still holding on to their old iPhone until all features and specs are confirmed and iPhone 6 is officially released.

Normally, smartphones have a life expectancy of two years but with proper care, it should last longer than that. However, it will still be vulnerable to some technical problems. Smartphones with older features may be running slow right now.

Old iPhones with this problem still have simple ways to solve this situation.

Clean your iPhone

Not literally, although you have to clean it.

Start from the basics, make sure to close all open applications. Just double click your home button and swipe up the apps you want to close.

After shutting down all open applications, start from deleting old, irrelevant messages especially messages with photos and videos.

Delete What's Filling up Your Memory Storage

Just like your computer, too much applications or files installed or downloaded will slow down your device. Check your iPhone for any applications, like games, that you have not used for a long time and delete it. To have an idea, go to Settings and then choose General and finally tap Usage. You will now have a list of what's really taking up your space. Make sure to back up your device before deleting just in case.

Pictures, videos and music files can also slow down your iPhone. Transfer pictures and videos to your computer and sort out your music list using iTunes for faster navigation. You can also convert audio files to the lowest bit possible to save more space for all of your music collection.

Here's a video from CNET for a visual instruction along with how to deal with WiFi problems and complete phone lock-up problems.

Restart your Phone

Just press and hold the sleep/wake button (on top-right of your iPhone) and the home button until the Apple logo appears. You can also just shut it down and just start it up again.

These tips will help users run their iPhones faster while waiting for the release of iPhone 6. Of course, if you want to save more money or you just love your current iPhone, this is the best solution to keep your phone working. 

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