iPhone 6 Release Date in August to Show Off Intelligent Batteries

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iPhone 6 release date may happen in August and include intelligent batteries that will last longer than usual.

It has occurred to many smartphone users who became frustrated when their batteries died when they were in the middle of something important like a business call, downloading new version of iOS and obtaining a new high score in a game.

Apple finally has addressed the issue of underperforming batteries by introducing intelligent batteries that will conserve power based on the user's usage habits.

According to CNET, Apple recently filed two patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its new technology "inferring user intent from battery usage level and charging trends" and "predicting user intent and future interaction from application activities."

The first patent followed how the iPhone was used and adjusted the battery consumption accordingly. For example, if the iPhone was not used much, it could lower the cellular performance of the device to retain the processing power. If the device will be used in a dark room, the phone will automatically lower the brightness.

The company's second patent took a step further by predicting how users interact with their smartphones over time. The device could now keep track of the apps that were used all the time and the device would retain power for when the user used such app.

Apple still has not released the official specs and features of iPhone 6. But it was long rumored the company would release a smartphone for the phablet category. Speculations said the two iPhone 6 variants will be coming this year and both versions will come with a bigger screen display. Both models will pack the faster and better A8 processor, and the upcoming iOS 8. Also, the iPhone 5S' touchID fingerprint sensor will surely receive new features and improvements.

iPhone 6 release date was believed to arrive in June at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers' Conference alongside the upcoming iOS 8. But it may be delayed with the release of iPhone 5C. Other reports claimed the handset will arrive in September or October. 

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