iPhone 6 Release Confirmed in August? iPhone 6 Features and More

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Reports on Apple's iPhone 6 mainly revolved around analysts predicting its release. Recently, new information suggests that Apple is preparing for production already. Information came from a well-known Chinese manufacturer. According to the reports, Apple has been boosting production and hiring more people to make sure it can release the next iPhone 6 around fall. What can people expect from the tech giant's next flagship phone? 

According to a report by TIME, the Taiwanese news portal cited a Chinese manufacturer working on a facility to start the iPhone production. The facility will focus on the production of the iPhone to make it to the projected fall release. 

There have been many reports and predictions about the features of the next iPhone. According to some analysts, Apple will finally venture into the phablet market. The company plans on releasing two variants: a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5 model. However, the 4.7-inch model appears to be the only variant to be offered this fall. There are no sure dates yet when the 5.5 option will be released. 

To add more fuel to the fire, Reuters also reported about Apple's production for the iPhone 6. According to the report, Pegatron Corp. has set up a new facility hiring Chinese workers for iPhone 6 production. Pegatron Corp. has been the company behind assembiling Apple's iOS devices for a period now. 

The report added that Apple will begin assembling the device between April and June. Judging from Apple's track record, the next release will be around September. The company has been sticking to this timeline for quite some time now. 

There has been a lot of information or leaks about the iPhone 6. The latest is the meteorological functions Apple plans to include in the unit. A patent filing suggests that the next iPhone may feature weather-related sensors.  According to The Register: 

"The addition of sensors tallies with a recent leak which showed Apple was developing a health monitoring system and an app called HealthBook." 

 "The rumoured iWatch would probably work with this app to help [users] monitor their fitness levels and chart day to day exercise."

Apple has yet to make an announcement about the iPhone 6. 

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