iPhone 6 Release, Concept Video: Can Plastic Design Look Elegant and Feel Expensive? [VIDEO, PHOTOS]


The iPhone 6 release date is not going to be in anyone's calendar until 2014, according to a respected analyst. Meanwhile, an Apple enthusiast has produced a concept video showing how iPhone 6 could look like in - gasp - plastic.

YouTube user ConceptsiPhone posted a video on Ran Avni's iPhone 6 design concept. (Scroll down to watch the video.) The plastic chassis makes the smartphone design appear less shiny. But the Apple phone visual appeal seems intact, at least in concept images.

CultofMac.com picked up Avni's design and titled its report, "Here's The Proof That A Plastic iPhone 6 Could Still Look Gorgeous." The blog reads, "It's an interesting look, and very Apple-like, but only time will tell how close this is to what Apple actually delivers."

However, Avni's design does not match rumours that the next iPhone units will do away with the physical home button. It does not look significantly bigger, either. Varying reports indicate a phablet-size iPhone 6, but Avni's concept appears to be just about the same size as iPhone 5. Then again, is there reason to believe Apple would venture into phablets?

In a recent earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook sounded as if the tech giant has no plans to supersize its handsets.

"Some customers value large screen size, others value other factors such as resolution, colour quality, white balance, brightness, reflectivity, screen longevity, power consumption, portability, compatibility with apps and many things," Cook said.

"Our competitors had made some significant trade-offs in many of these areas in order to ship a larger display. We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these trade-offs exist," he stated. There is no telling whether Apple will soon overcome these so-called trade-offs.

As for the iPhone 6 release date, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek earlier told investors he believed the iPhone 6 would be available sometime in June 2014. It does support other rumours that the iPhone 5S will hit the stores first, and that there will be around 6 months gap to the next Apple iPhone release.

VIDEO: iPhone 6 Design (User Concept) - Plastic Version

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