iPhone 6 Photos Leaked by Australian Teen on Own Web Site Copied from Graphics Artist in Netherlands?

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An Australian teen who posted pictures of alleged images of Apple Inc's next iPhone 6 may have been duped. Victoria-based Sonny Dickson posted images of Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 on his Web site in the morning of Feb 13. At about the same period, the same iPhone 6 image were posted on Twitter by @mornray886.

Mr Dickson's photos of the supposed iPhone 6 only showed the casing, while the images on Twitter had the same images but with the additional front view image of Apple's next iPhone.

Since the leaked photos of the iPhone 6 were published, many news agencies and blogs wrote about the images. However, experienced iPhone news observers pointed out the differences in the images.

Several readers of MacRumors believe the leaked images of the iPhone 6 were fakes due to a number of repeated photo details like wrong type fonts and scratches on the screen. Keen observers noted that the images posted on Twitter by @mornray886 were copied from the Martin Hajek, a graphics artist in The Netherlands who likes to visualise upcoming gadgets using 3D renderings. By comparing images side by side, observers note the same smudges.

When contacted by Fairfax Media to comment on the matter, Mr Dickson was hesitant to discuss the images he posted on his Web site. He told the news agency the photos were posted by his staff and not him personally. He added he was only interested in Audi and its future car launches.

Despite his claims, he told MacRumors that the leaked iPhone 6 images were shared by someone from China who claimed he had images of Apple's next iPhone. MacRumors reported Mr Dickson shared some of the same alleged iPhone 6 photos as the ones on Twitter.

Based on Apple's past launches, the iPhone 6 could be released sometime in September. The company has not released an innovative product since the iPad, and its investors want a new product to bring Apple's stocks back up. Apple investors continue to wait for the next "catalyst" product to be rolled out within the year with the long-rumored iWatch and a new iPhone with a bigger screen.

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