iPhone 6 To Pack Bezel-Free Screen Display?

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iPhone 6 will pack a bigger screen display by reducing the side bezels, according to a report.

The Korea Herald cited an unnamed source claiming Apple is testing a similar prototype sporting a bezel-less screen that features a fingerprint scanner.

Apple's upcoming smartphone will be "bezel-free" display with screen running from edge to edge. But bezels are still present on top and the button where the Facetime camera and home button will be placed, respectively.

The report hinted that Apple is developing a fingerprint scanner embedded, not only in the home button, but also on the entire screen. Samsung, Apple's rival, was reported to be working on the same feature. But the particular feature may be seen later this year.

"Scanning fingerprints on the entire screen, which was much talked about recently, will be available in the latter half of this year as there are still technological hurdles to overcome," the unnamed source said.

Decreasing the bezels is the best option for Apple if it wants to enlarge the screen without expanding the width of the device and its overall size. When Apple increased the size of iPhone 5, it elongated the screen without making the width larger. Regarding screen size, every millimeter counts.

Aside from a larger screen display, the screen will be made of sapphire glass, claimed to be scratch-resistant and incredibly indestructible making the next iPhone less prone to damage and breakage.

Some of the iPhone 6 rumoured features are A8 processor, iOS 8 and an improved fingerprint sensor. Also, Apple patents suggested some possible iPhone features such as curved or flexible screen embedded with liquidmetal material, an improved Siri and gestures control.

Apple still has not confirmed the iPhone 6 release date with a lot of speculated launch dates. Reports claimed iPhone 6 will be introduced in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference. June is the original release date window of iPhone 6. But other reports claimed the handset will hit the market in September.

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