iPhone 6 New Release Date and Design Dodged by CEO as T-Mobile Goes Beyond 50M Subscribers

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A woman holds her new Apple iPhone 5S after buying it at an Apple Store at Tokyo's Ginza shopping district
A woman holds her new Apple iPhone 5S after buying it at an Apple Store at Tokyo's Ginza shopping district September 20, 2013. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

The last fiscal results for some of the biggest names in tech are in with T-Mobile posting strong performance for its second quarter. The company, however, remains mum about the upcoming iPhone 6 and its release. According to the company's latest record, the wireless provider has acquired additional 1.5 million subscribers. This puts the total number of subscribers to 50 million with T-Mobile earning $7.2 billion in revenues and $391 million in profit. 

T-Mobile posted more subscribers against companies like Verizon and AT&T with 1.4 million and 1 million respectively. Sprint lost around 245, 000 subscribers. The company has also been reportedly talking to T-Mobile for a possible merger. T-Mobile gained more broadband customers posting around 329,000 additional customers. The company sees tablets and similar devices like wearables to be areas for growth. 

"We're very excited about wearables coming with their own radios, and we're seeing some of these on the horizon," explained Mike Sievert during the company's earnings call. Sievert is the marketing chief of T-Mobile. 

Majority of the company's revenue come from smartphone sales with the provider sealing 6.2 million smartphone contracts for the last quarter. Despite the large revenue from smartphones, T-Mobile's iPhone exposure remains limited. When asked for his view about the upcoming handset, CEO John Legere remains secretive. He did admit the iPhone will offer a "huge opportunity" for the company. 

"You're not gonna get me to use the iPhone 6 word on this call," teased Legere. 

Cowen & Co. analyst Timothy Arcuri shared new information about the upcoming iPhone 6 variants. Acuri said Asian supply chain sources hint at a more powerful processor for the 5.5-inch or phablet version of the iPhone 6 than the smaller variant. According to Apple Insider, Acuri did not provide further details about the processor. Looking at Apple's history, the company may be inclined to change the processor as it did in the past. Apple clocked the A7 processor in the iPad Mini and Retina display at 1.29 gigahertz while the A7 on the iPad Air ran on 1.39 gigahertz.

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