iPhone 6 May Go with Edge-to-Edge Sapphire Screen Display, Suggests Apple Patent

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iPhone 6 may have a go signal in packing an edge-to-edge screen display using sapphire technology, according to an Apple patent.

Apple Insider picked up an Apple patent describing a method in including sapphire in an electronic device. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Apple's patent application for "Attachment techniques" detailing various methods in which sapphire can be securely fastened to an electronic device. This hints at a possibility that the company will pack the said technology in the upcoming handset.

Moreover, this suggested that sapphire technology will be applied in other devices, too, like the iPad line and iWatch. Based from the photos, the patent suggested that the iPhone 6 will have an edge-to-edge screen display, hinting the possibility of the iPhone 6's screen being bigger.

This is not the first time sapphire is used in Apple devices. The technology was first used in iPhone 5 when Apple applied the hard material as a lens cover for the handset's rear-facing camera. In the iPhone 5S, sapphire was used as covering to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

In November 2013, rumours spread that sapphire will play a very critical role, as it will be applied as a covering on the screen display. To add fuel to the fire, Apple signed a $578 million contract with GT Advanced Technologies to supply Apple with advanced sapphire products. Previous patent filings have also hinted that Apple is actively investigating manufacturing techniques and future implementations of the material.

Meanwhile, latest rumours claimed that the iPhone 6 will pack a quad-core A8 processor as well as iOS 8. The famous fingerprint sensor will be retained, but with added features and functions. DigiTimes cited industry sources saying that TMSC will take the helm in producing the fingerprint sensors for the next Apple's iPhone at 12-inch fab using a 65 nm process in the second quarter of 2014.

Other Apple patents also hinted possible specifications that consumers can expect such as a curved or flexible screen embedded by durable material called liquidmetal and reinforced by sapphire glass covering, an improved Siri as well as gestures control. Apple has not confirmed yet whether these are real iPhone 6 features.

Some sources say the iPhone 6 release date is expected to happen in late summer, while other reports claimed that the smartphone will be launched in September.

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