iPhone 6: Latest Leak Showcases Incredibly Thin Profile, Curved Corners, Restyled Volume Buttons

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A legion of rumors, reports and leaked information has claimed that the upcoming iPhone 6 will sport a brand new design featuring curved corners, along with a very thin profile.

According to a French Publication (via BGR), the most recently leaked information showcases images of Apple iPhone 6's prototype model. Apparently, the prototype was photographed in China. The French publication acquired those images from a Chinese Web site which is known for leaking credible information from Apple.

Click here to check-out the leaked images of the latest iPhone 6.

The leaked images of iPhone 6 model have the same design cited in umpteen reports, this includes:

-          Very smooth and seamless curved corners.

-          A rear camera that juts out slightly from the exterior.

-          An incredibly thin profile.

-          A restyled and refined volume button that resembles iPhone's 5c buttons when compared to the conventional volume buttons in the iPhone 5S and its older iPhone variants.

-          The placement of power button is no longer on the top of the device, but according to the leaked image, the power button is placed to the right hand side of the iPhone.

It is worth noting that, the upcoming iPhone 6 is expected to come with a 4.7 inches display with 1,334 x 750 pixels resolution, which has a minimal thickness of 6.1mm. According to reports (via BGR), the previously leaked images showed the schematics and mold that could potentially be used to manufacture iPhone 6's chassis indicate that the handset will be 138mm in length and 64mm in width. On the other hand, the iPhone 5S measures 123mm in length and 58mm in width. Nevertheless, the actual size of the leaked iPhone 6 model is still not out yet.

In addition, a case/covering for iPhone 6 was leaked only a couple of days back; a video from YouTube channel compared the upcoming iPhone 6's size to the iPhone 5S, the present-day iPod touch variant, and also to Android mobile devices. Interested readers can check-out the video by clicking here.

All the floating rumors could come true because the leaked schematics of the upcoming iPhone 6 components confirms the same design specifications as seen in the iPhone 6's prototype.

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