iPhone 6 a Killer Handset But Production Seems a Problem - Survey

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Apple is always at its peak when launching a smartphone. As far as the current sales record is concerned, the company has crossed nine million units by selling iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

According to BGR, this year's new iPhone models have a steep hill to climb as the company gears up for the launch of two newly designed iPhone 6 models. This could be another reason for it to reach at the top. RBC Capital Markets confirmed this by surveying more than 4,000 consumers. The survey said:

1.  Almost 50 percent of consumers will purchase an iPhone within the next three months to upgrade their phone.

2.  Apple offers a larger form factor - Android cannibalization with iPhone 6 to the 35 percent of the users who are not purchasing iPhone.

3.  For a 5.5-inch screen size, 26 percent of the consumers are willing to pay $100 premium.

4.  Approximately, 74 percent of the consumers know about the new iPhone launch by AAPL.

5.  Better battery life and large screen size is what consumers are looking for in the new iPhone.

Although there are surveys and rumors that indicate the success of iPhone 6, but various reports on the manufacturing issue pertaining to the 5.5-inch model and currently the 4.7-inch model create a problem.

According to Digitimes, the Chinese version of Economic Daily News cited Apple faced a severe issue with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6's production. It was first placed with the component supplier Catcher for the metal phone cases but there were defects found, including "connecting areas between the plastic and metal parts."

As a result, the report claimed Apple rejected the company's framework and temporarily shifted the production from Catcher to both Jabil and Foxconn.

Apple is now planning to launch a new designed 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone models this year. This new version will be thinner and more round in shape as compared to previous iPhone handsets.

It was also reported by a reliable reporter, Ming-Chi Kuo that the two iPhone 6 versions will also feature a fully aluminium framework, including the new Apple A8 chipsets and also NFC. 

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