iPhone 6 Killer Features: Apple Smartphone to Pack iRadio, In-Car Integration and Other High Tech Capabilities


Tech giant Apple's iPhone 6 is speculated to be released soon packed with killer features that will catapult the company back to the top.

New rumours claimed that tech giant Apple will release its highly anticipated iPhone 6 on Labor Day in the United States.

Some sources say that iPhone 6 release date can come as early as the end of August or Labor Day, which is on September 2. All that Apple has to do is put the iPhone 6 into factory production sooner, to match the ready date for iOS 7.

Rumour has it that Apple's iPhone 6 will be powered by A7 quad core processor, which claimed to be faster than the previous processor. The processor will be paired with iOS 7 operating system, which is packed with new and better features.

Apple may have planned to bump the storage capacity of its smartphones. iPhone 6 is said to be coming in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB variants.

Concept images claimed that iPhone 6 will be packed with security features. It is reported that Apple is planning to include a fingerprint sensor in Apple devices for added security. Moreover, a new approved patent from Apple will enable users to operate their devices with mere scratches or tap gesturing.

The patent discusses acoustic input devices and basically means that iOS devices could also be used with sound inputs that would be transmitted via the casing that would then correspond with certain functions.

Lastly, a new concept of iPhone is making the rounds showing the device capable of wireless charging. One of the most common complaints with Apple devices like iPhone is the fast depleting battery. However, with wireless charging, users will enjoy longer battery life.

However, Apple has not yet confirmed any of the aforementioned rumours stated above.

Below are some of the rumoured killer features of iPhone 6.

iRadio - Apple's new iTunes Radio expands the pre-existing iTunes with familiar features that include radio stations you can build around a favorite artist, and featured stations. Apple seems to be gunning for Pandora, Spotify and Google Music. The iTunes Radio will be tied to your Apple ID, so you can use it wherever you have iTunes installed. It's free and will be ad-free for iTunes Match users.

Reader - The new iPhone 6 is expected to pack an enhanced RSS reader functionality which goes a long way toward replacing the departed Google Reader.

In-Car Integration - It is reported that Apple will integrate smartphone to dozens of 2014 model cars which will mirror the iPhone's screen on the car's dashboard.

Waterproof - Apple may be following the footsteps of Sony and Samsung by releasing a waterproof and dustproof smartphone.

Longer Battery Life - Better battery life comes from a combination of software management and hardware innovation. The more efficient the processor and system software, the more life comes from the same size battery. Apple is working on an A7 processor which uses less power, and iOS 7 testers have reported superior battery life just by installing it. So Apple may be delivering an all-day battery iPhone 6 after all.

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