iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Working on Durable Design and FaceTime Enhancements as Release Date Nears?


As the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S release dates nears, rumours claimed that tech giant Apple is working hard on the design and features of the upcoming smartphones.

Reports claimed that Apple is planning to ditch the signature design of iPhone to cater stronger and more durable design while maintaining its sleek and sophisticated look. Apple seemed to be considering using new materials to decrease incidence of breakage and scratches, which are some of the common complaints of iPhone users.

Another rumoured feature that Apple seemed to be working on is further improving its FaceTime and takes it to another level of 3D video calls and video conferencing. The technology is also known as Synchronized, Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) Displays for iDevices. It is basically a linking technology to rope together a number of devices for live video calls and information sharing.

According to PatentlyApple, the Cupertino-based company filed a patent for this technology stirring the rumours that it will be included in the features of the much-awaited handsets from the company.

"The granted patent is about a device that can receive live video of a real-world, physical environment on a touch sensitive surface. One or more objects can be identified in the live video," says the report from PatentlyApple.

The sharing of the video is also secured since both parties need to agree to share information such as contact details and location. This technology will be most likely an important feature for future Apple devices. This will attract more consumers from various fields because of the diversity of its function and usage.

Apple are expected to include an improved camera in the iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 5S which is rumoured to be capable of taking "Super HD" pictures. In order to take snaps at that resolution it'll need to have at least a 13 mega-pixel camera.

The lack of NFC support on the iPhone 5 was one of the biggest criticisms aimed at Apple's smartphone. Rumours suggest that the iPhone 5S could include support for the contact-less technology which can be used to pay for items in retail stores. Other features rumoured to be included in the handset is the A7 quad core chip processor, Retina or IGZO screen display among others.

The smartphones are rumoured to be released August this year. However, the Cupertino-based company remained tight-lipped on the details of the upcoming smartphones.

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