iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Rumors: Apple to Boast Retina+ Sharp IGZO Screen Display?

  on April 01 2013 12:05 PM

New rumours claimed that Apple's upcoming smartphones, dubbed as iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S, will sport a powerful Retina+ Sharp IGZO screen display.

There are new rumours that Apple is experimenting with a higher resolution Retina display for the iPhone 6 and some claimed that Apple is also experimenting with multiple iPhone 6 prototypes and concepts.

The iPhone 6 prototype rumours talk about an iPhone 6 concept with a Retina+ Sharp IGZO display. Sharp and Apple are rumoured to be working together to bring IGZO technology to the iPhone, likely with the iPhone 6. Odds are the company will jump up to 1080P.

By opting for a Sharp IGZO display in the iPhone 6, Apple could help deliver a more power efficient display that offers better looking images and better touch responsiveness. Apple may be interested in this technology, specifically a 5-inch smartphone display that lets users write with a pencil on the display.

If Apple delivers an HD display for the iPhone 6, which odds are they would call Retina+ Display, the company would want to avoid complicating app development and the overall ecosystem.

Apple is good at avoiding fragmentation, but at some point the company must make changes. As we saw with the iPhone 5′s 4-inch display and Lightning connection, the market adapts fairly quickly to changes in Apple products. Apple is already making iPhone 5's compatibility and Retina resolution mandatory for new app updates, to spur developers to support the larger display.

Apple filed a new patent that hinted that the upcoming smartphones will have a wrap-around screen display.

The design would feature an electronic body that is rounder than standard smartphones today, with no flat surfaces to speak of, besides the top and bottom. The device would feature an open-ended body, which would likely be a transparent glass or plastic.

Then, a flexible AMOLED screen could be fitted onto the device. This screen would come with a "detection mechanism" that would allow the device to sense how much of the screen is within view of the user, using a camera and face recognition software. This will allow battery life to be extended, as the device will only have to power a certain percentage of the screen, rather than the whole of the surface.

Apple is expected to include an improved camera in the iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 5S which is rumoured to be capable of taking "Super HD" pictures. In order to take snaps at that resolution it'll need to have at least a 13 mega-pixel camera.

The lack of NFC support on the iPhone 5 was one of the biggest criticisms aimed at Apple's smartphone. Rumours suggest that the iPhone 5S could include support for the contact-less technology which can be used to pay for items in retail stores. Other features rumoured to be included in the handset is the A7 quad core chip processor, Retina or IGZO screen display among others.

However, the Cupertino-based company remained tight-lipped on the details of the upcoming smartphones.

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