iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Release Date: 5S Most Likely to Come in 2013 than iPhone 6?


Apple's upcoming smartphones dubbed as iPhone 6 and 5S caused great clamour this week after reports claimed that a carrier in the UK already lists the upcoming iPhone in their computer system.

A supposed iPhone 6 already appeared in the inventory list of UK carrier Vodafone. According to a leaked image took by a supposed Vodafone employee and then subsequently sent to Stuff magazine in the UK, Vodafone has added the iPhone 6 to its stock inventory system presumably so it can start planning for the big day.

However, other reports claimed that it is most likely that we will see an iPhone 5S released this year than iPhone 6. The iPhone 5S is much more likely for 2013, with multiple sources claiming Apple is prepping a new iPhone with a design similar to the iPhone 5. The latest rumours point to production starting in June and July with a possible September announcement for the iPhone 5S.

The aforementioned claim is backed up by statements from analysts who predicted that the low cost iPhone will arrive later this year. The next iPhone will be launched in the following year.

Rumour has it that the next iPhone will feature Retina or IGZO screen display, A7 quad core chip processor, iOS 7, 128GB internal storage, 13 mega-pixel camera, and longer battery life. The lack of NFC support on the iPhone 5 was one of the biggest criticisms aimed at Apple's smartphone.

Meanwhile, the cheaper iPhone 5S is rumoured to sport a plastic casing, 4-inch screen display, dual core processor and 8-megapixel camera.

The Apple chief Time Cook also dropped several hints that the upcoming iPhone 6 and 5S will be released later this year. Cook said that no new products are to launch before the end of the year.

Cook also subtly dented rumours that the iPhone 5S could launch as early as June. "Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can't wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014."

It seems that the reports on the delayed release date of Apple products proved to be true. A number of analysts claimed that Apple's smartphones are delayed due to "production issues". However, recent reports also claimed that Chinese suppliers already received the components needed in building the iPhones.

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