iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 on 2014 Release Date Will Feature Advanced RAM, Longer Battery Hours & Perceptive Touchscreen

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The separate release dates for the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 this 2014 will boast of fresh technology advancements and in-house innovations from Apple.

Tech industry analyst Matt Margolis has unearthed the likelihood that next-generation technology for random access memory (RAM) will make its way to Apple's 2014 iOS and OS X devices. "Apple is set to showcase LPDDR4 DRAM memory across their 2014 hardware portfolio," Margolis wrote on his April 2 blog post.

He identified the RAM supplier as Micron, which has allegedly secured a $250 million contract from Apple to supply the company memory requirements for its 2014 line up of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

In the same post, Margolis provided an update that says "Micron announced that it was ramping up production of its DDR4 early this morning. This ramp up aligns with other recent Apple production ramp up announcements."

While relatively unknown to the average consumers, CNET said in a separate report that Micron belongs to the big league and is fact the second biggest memory chips maker in the world, surpassed only by Samsung.

Margolis also noted that Micron manufactures Elpida RAM, which has been wide use on recent iPhone and iPad models for some time now. "In 2012, Apple reportedly placed a massive order that consumed over half of Elpida's memory chip production," said the analyst.

So from the Elpida DDR3 RAMs that came with the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and the Retina iPad Mini, the 2014 refreshes will showcase the LPDDR4 versions from Elpida, Margolis concluded, adding that performance boost will surely attend the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

A third iPad Mini remains is question as KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo had earlier predicted that the smaller iOS tablet will likely skip 2014 as Apple trains its focus on the reinvigorated original 9.7-inch iPad.

Among the notable upgrades that LPDDR4 will deliver with the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 is higher and faster memory provisions, complementing the expected arrival of 64-bit A8 processing chips on the upcoming products.

From the mere 1GB found on the iPhone 5S and the two latest iPads, the fresh iterations could tap on up to 2GB, which according to experts will suit better with the forward-looking 64-bit mobile computing architecture that Apple had introduced in late 2013.

Also, Micron's Elpida DDR4 will bring to the table the following notable benefits for iPhone and iPad users alike, per Margolis' blog:

  • 10 hours of active tablet use with a 11.5 Ah battery
  • 8 hours extensive phone with a 1.4 Ah battery
  • 10+ days of standby time for iPhones
  • 2+ week of standby time for iPads
  • Power Neutrality
  • Twice the speed of bandwidth performance

Outside of Margolis's forecast, the 2014 iPhones and iPads would also show off what an Apple Insider report described as perceptive touchscreen technology, which is based in an Apple patent filing that dates back in 2012.

The tech giant envisions the use of frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) with existing touch screen technology that will "give an accurate reading of force applied to a (mobile) device screen."

The bottom line is, "Apple's newly revealed touchscreen technology concept allows users to accurately convey force applied to a touch surface without bulky physical hardware," ensuring that the next-gen iPhones and iPads bear the most powerful specs and features available with killer designs that are essentially slim and light, added Apple Insider.

The iPhone 6 release date is projected to happen between August and September 2014 while iPad Air 2 is not expected until the early last quarter of the same year.

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