iPhone 6 To Have Improved Battery Life, Solar Cells Plus Sapphire Glass-Coasted Screens, Tim Cook Confirms Specs And More

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Apple has apparently been working on ensuring that the iPhone 6 will be one of the most impressive smartphones to date.

Recent reports claimed the company is incorporating solar power into its devices, including iPhone 6. The upcoming flagship smartphone will feature sapphire screen, solar power and improved  battery life. Will the iPhone 6 be a huge hit? 

In a well-organized post from investor blog Seeking Alpha, Matt Margolis put analyzed the reported sapphire technology for iPhone 6. The post argued the mix of job postings, equipment request and patents that support Apple's venture into protective sapphire covers. It is possible to see iPod and iPhone screens using the technology. 

It seems Apple is committed to employ solar power. The company embraces sapphire as the main material for its upcoming offerings. Apple has contracted GT Advanced Technologies to supply the sapphire mateirals for the company's work. This can reduce the $13 to $18 cost of the cover material to $3 or $5 if it pushes through.

"The reason sapphire screens are so important to Apple and their innovatation is because they need sapphire to protect all of their 'cool stuff' under the hood of their devices," Margolis said.

Uncoupling the touch ID sensor with the home button and allowing the screen to become a possible bigger fingerprint sensor is part of that "cool stuff." If this happens, it will have a big impact in the incorporation of the touch ID with the iWatch. It may also support mobile payment systems. 

Another important discovery from Margolis is that the protective surface may help Apple products to charge support the company's efforts to have "lighter and thinner" designs. If the protective covering can charge the devices, Apple can reduce the battery weight and size. The protective cover may also pack solar panels for efficient charging and energy efficiency. 

Some of the highlights of the report included Apple filing for solar patents giving electronic devices to use solar cells directly. Apple is also looking to fill thin films engineer position and solar experience and signing a $578 million contract with GT Advanced Technologies for supply of sapphire materials. 

With these innovations, iPhone 6 appears as a more innovative handset design compared to what was previously predicted.

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